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Energy Storage

Hydrogen storage in salt caverns

Researchers in Germany have identified salt caverns as a feasible and flexible solution for hydrogen storage. They also revealed that Europe has the potential to inject hydrogen in bedded salt deposits and salt domes, with a total storage capacity of 84.8 PWh.

Marinus in a blink

Prime Minister Scott Morrison today announced six of 15 projects to be fast-tracked for jobs creation, among them the Marinus Link interconnector between the Australian mainland and Tasmania, which promises to unlock renewable projects on either side of Bass Strait.

Meet the conductor tuning orchestras of rooftop resources

Andrew Mears, Founder and CEO of software company SwitchDin says rooftop solar is set to realise its full stack of value, for consumers, electricity retailers, network providers and the grid operator.

Monash researchers propose new approach to energy management in microgrids

Monash University researchers have developed an energy exchange framework to better manage distributed energy resources, which they say will help consumers lower their power costs. The applicability of this perspective is demonstrated through the university’s landmark on-site microgrid.


Australia becomes first market outside Europe to receive Ikea’s full home solar offer

Ikea has launched its turnkey home solar offer in Australia, making it the first market outside Europe that can purchase a home solar kit from its website. Ikea has partnered with Solargain to try and bring solar to as many Australian rooftops as possible.


Update on acquisitions of ASX-listed renewables developers

In its formal bidder’s statement, Philipines UAC Energy has urged Infigen shareholders to accept its takeover bid of $0.80 a share, while Infigen remained adamant no action should be taken in relation to the “opportunistic” offer. Previously, the acquisition of another prominent renewables developer, Windlab, was greenlit in a landslide shareholder vote.

VIC MP lambasts Melbourne-centric Solar Homes program

Nationals’ Victoria Murray Plains MP Peter Walsh has launched a criticism of the Labor Andrews Government Solar Homes program for its alleged Melbourne-centrism in overlooking his electorate entirely in relation to his battery storage rebate.

New insights into lithium-ion battery structure

Scientists at Moscow’s Skoltech Center for Energy Science and Technology have developed a method of visualizing the formation of layers on battery electrodes during their initial operation. The observations reveal various mechanisms that could be optimized to improve battery performance and operational lifetime.

Fluence proposes 250 MW BESS case scenario to VNI West RIT-T

Who says that upgrade of energy transmission need march across the landscape as massive metal towers strung with buzzing electricity lines? One battery energy storage system provider is offering an alternative vision — fast deployment, scaleability and flexible application of assets that can’t be stranded…


A solar giant invests in Australian DER know-how

As utilities, networks and governments get their distributed-resource ducks in a row, the time is ripe for VPPs and microgrids to play a more powerful role in Australia’s energy system. The latest? SwitchDin, a DER innovator with globally acknowledged capabilities has attracted investment from Q Cells a PV manufacturer with chops and channels.

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