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China plans new polysilicon production, 100 GW of solar for desert areas

China’s president has detailed plans to accelerate the planning and construction of large-scale wind and PV projects in desert areas, while Wuxi Shanghai announced new granular silicon and nano-silicon production capacity expansions.

Solar tile with 14.2% efficiency from Denmark

Dansk Solenergi ApS has developed a 13.6 kg tile that can be used for both new buildings and building renovation. The device is currently being produced in Denmark, where the company operates a 40 MW line.

More solar records broken

On Sunday, Australia set a new record for minimum operational demand, with the national grid dipping below 14 GW. Renewables met 55% of that, while rooftop solar accounted for 34%.

Households could save $5,443 a year and a third of national emissions by electrifying, report says

Converting all home appliances and cars to run on electricity could save Australian households $40 billion a year by 2028, according to a new report from thinktank Rewiring Australia, the work of Australian-American entrepreneur Saul Griffith.


NSW to halve emissions by 2030, injecting ‘transformative’ $37 billion into clean energy

New South Wales, Australia’s most populace state and largest economy, has upped the green ante, today setting a new target which will see it rival clean energy powerhouse South Australia. The state government is seeking to spur more than $37 billion in private investment from its policies, hoping to double the state’s economy.


Momentous victory as AGL shareholders vote for resolution to adopt Paris-aligned targets

In reportedly the largest ever contested resolution in Australian corporate history, 55% of AGL shareholders have this afternoon voted for the company to adopt Paris-aligned climate targets in both of its demerged businesses.

Edify approved for 1 GW green hydrogen and battery project in North Queensland

Renewables developer Edify Energy has been granted development approval to build and operate a green hydrogen production plant of up to 1 GW, as well as a behind-the-meter solar and battery storage facility within the Lansdown Eco-Industrial Precinct in Townsville, northern Queensland. 

India added a record 521 MW of rooftop solar in Q2

The addition of 521 MW between April to June was India’s highest ever rooftop solar capacity installed in a single quarter.

Spinning against a wall: Aussie athletes scold government inaction as enduring country myth disproven

With 370 of its most beloved athletes lambasting the country’s climate inaction on the same day its coal-loving base was revealed to be little more than a mirage, the Morrison government must front up to both its own people and global peers as elections and summits loom.

Solar could supply 77% of Australia’s electricity demand by 2026

Australia’s solar uptake is now forecast to reach 8.9 GW by 2025, on top of the 14 GW already installed, according to the Australian Electricity Market Operator.

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