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Environmental approval recommended for gigawatt-scale renewable energy hub

A mega solar and wind energy project in Western Australia’s Pilbara region has moved forward after being recommended for environmental approval.


Australia’s biggest green hydrogen plant secures initial investment

The Arrowsmith Hydrogen plant is the first of many green hydrogen projects across Western Australia being developed by Perth-based company Infinite Blue Energy.


The solar highway to Australia’s renewable hydrogen economy

Modelling from a new report backed by ARENA has found that on-site solar electrolysis is not only the most cost-effective way of reaching Australia’s ambitions of both a domestic and export hydrogen economy, but perhaps the only way.


New white paper attests to Tasmania’s deep storage potential

New analysis highlights the need of, and Tasmania’s potential for, deep storage to back up Australia’s future energy market. Tasmania is determined to become the Battery of the Nation.

Toyota unveils the first stage of its Altona green hydrogen hub

Toyota Australia has marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with the unveiling of the first stage of its green hydrogen production and refueling center at its former manufacturing site in West Melbourne.


Europe can be 60% powered by solar before 2050

A study by Solarpower Europe and LUT: Three different cases for the transformation of the European energy system were examined in this study. The more ambitious scenario with 100% renewable energy and a high proportion of PV might be cheaper than less ambitious paths to a green Europe.

ARENA launches $70 million hydrogen funding round

To achieve the goal of ‘H2 under $2’, ARENA has opened the $70 million Renewable Hydrogen Deployment Funding Round for expression of interest from large scale renewable hydrogen projects.


Griffith researchers enhance clean hydrogen elecrolysis efficiency

Griffith University researchers have unlocked a catalytic process that can enhance the breakdown of water, into hydrogen and oxygen, for clean hydrogen production and bring Australia a step closer to creating clean efficient hydrogen fuel.

Another remarkable year: 2019 saw renewables records tumble

With 4.4 GW of new renewable energy capacity installed and almost a quarter of Australia’s electricity supply now coming from renewable energy sources, 2019 was another year of extraordinary growth, according to the latest edition of the Clean Energy Australia report. As rooftop solar continued its record-breaking streak, big PV made up more than two-thirds of Australia’s large-scale renewable energy capacity installed last year. Meanwhile, the battery storage sector started to gain momentum.


Policy, policy, policy: BNEF beats a path to hydrogen uptake

A hot energy topic with little coordinated analysis, green hydrogen has attracted the nous and number crunching of BloombergNEF. And what numbers! The investment! The required renewable capacity! The potential for emissions reduction! 


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