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Maldives to turn to solar for outer islands

The Indian Ocean island nation, which has been a prominent voice in the global calls to combat rising sea levels, will get technical assistance from the Asian Development Bank to draw up a tender for 20-30MW of photovoltaic generation capacity.

Weekend read: Solar panels bringing solace to communities hit hard by Black Summer Bushfires

Norway-based REC Group’s REConstruct Initiative is helping communities hit hard by the Black Summer Bushfires of 2019-2020 by donating solar systems to help bring savings on electricity bills and independence to vulnerable areas cut off from the grid during the catastrophic fires.

European Commission suggests zero-emission building mandate for 2030

The proposed measure, which will now pass to the Council of Ministers and European Parliament for debate, would further the adoption of PV, according to SolarPower Europe, especially if the commission’s proposal it be applied to public sector structures from 2027 is adopted.

Swiss fund to finance rollout of 10,000 solar-plus-battery systems

Western Australian renewable energy company Plico Energy’s bold ambition to develop a grid-scale virtual power plant has received a major financial boost with Swiss investment firm SUSI Partners committing to provide capital for the rollout of 10,000 integrated solar-plus-battery systems.

Stand out new facility for WA’s in demand stand-alone power systems

Perth-based Hybrid Systems Australia has opened its new much-expanded facility in the Western Australian capital ahead of significant expansion in the outlay of its stand-alone power systems to regional and remote parts of the state.


Shoalhaven solar farm serves as roadmap for others say developers

The developers of a $5 million community-driven solar farm in the New South Wales Shoalhaven region believe the 3.9 MWp facility can serve as a model for other communities looking to launch their own renewable projects.

Investability of Australian large-scale renewables remains low

COP flack for Australia’s insubstantial and unstructured response to decarbonisation has not made the country more attractive to investors. Has our first-mover status cruelled our investability, and what could the next Federal Government do to revive investor confidence?

Distribution networks set to shrink: standalone solar hybrid systems are safer, more reliable

Western Australia leads the world in successfully implementing renewables-based energy generation for far-flung customers. Unique joint venture and pioneer in the field, Boundary Power, has been widely recognised for its innovations and is ready to repeat its SAPS successes across Australia and the Asia-Pacific.


Australia’s hottest town now has a battery to store its excess solar

The town of Marble Bar in Western Australia’s remote East Pilbara region is famed for at one time recording 100 consecutive days of temperatures exceeding 37 degrees Celsius. So it’s no wonder the town’s residents have excess solar and nowhere to put it. That is, until now, thanks to the installation of a battery energy storage system beside the town’s centralised solar farm.

Australians have now installed more than three million rooftop solar systems

After another year of record rooftop solar installations, and despite Covid-19 related lockdowns and federal political ineptitude on a level comparable to self-sabotage, Australia has soared past the three million mark and the numbers are only accelerating.

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