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City council powers ahead with 4 MW virtual power network

Victoria’s Hobsons Bay City Council is powering ahead with plans to establish a virtual power plant, confirming the installation of a combined 4 MW rooftop solar PV system across more than 40 council-owned buildings has begun in earnest.

Saturday read: Keys to urban solar

Buildings are considered to be a major driver of emissions. In addition to the predicted billions of square meters of space that will be built across the world over the next decade, most developments standing today will still be around in 2050. Thus, retrofitting existing structures is seen as a key sustainability target. In the fourth quarter of 2021, pv magazine’s UP Initiative will focus on the role that solar and energy storage can play in greening the world’s urban spaces.

Let there be sunlight … in the public parks of high-density communities! 

As councils in suburban areas seek to maximise access to services and amenity by planning for higher-density living, outdoor spaces soaked in sunlight and rich with plant life are at risk. In two world firsts, Heliosystems has used concentrated solar power, a cousin of PV, to cast warming, mood-lifting light where the sun would otherwise not shine.

4.9 MW Ramahyuck Solar Farm set to be first wholly owned and operated by an Aboriginal Corporation

The Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation has won over $1 million in funding from the Victorian Government for the development of a 4.9 MW solar farm, as well as several other community arrays. This is a win for Indigenous self-determination and a proven long-term income and employment stream which will help to “enable a healthy, strong and vibrant Aboriginal community”.


Powercor claims 30% increase in rooftop solar export approvals

Victorian network service provider Powercor claims a major works program designed to alleviate grid congestion in areas of high rooftop solar PV penetration has boosted the approval rate for new solar connections to export excess energy to the grid by an impressive 30%.

Solar carpark now powering Wollongong’s council

Wollongong council’s administration building is now being powered, at least partially, through a 200 kWp+ solar carpark.

ALPA seeks to harness the renewable gold rush for Australia’s regional communities

Debate on independent MP Dr Helen Haines’ Australian Local Power Agency Bill 2021, which seeks to anchor the benefits of renewables projects in their hosting regions, will be informed by Friday’s parliamentary committee hearing of submissions on the proposed legislation. A number of valid discussion points have been raised.


SA Greens seek to reinstate a publicly owned electricity system — based on renewables

The South Australian Greens Party has proposed a tax-and-spend plan for the state that goes against everything the Federal Government advocates, in favour of massive funding of essential services and reducing carbon emissions in the process.

Derby’s day launches a solar-powered future

PV electricity generation is a natural choice for Australia’s remote Kimberley region. State-owned energy provider Horizon Power has deployed WA Recovery Plan funds to make the most of the interplay between sun and shade and put clean energy behind the Derby community’s aspirations.


Looking beyond 5-minute settlement to tariff models that show how flexible energy retailers can be

Processing nightmare, or product opportunity? Impending five-minute settlement comes at a difficult time for energy retailers. Software from across the ditch could help highlight the benefits and opportunities of more solar and a forecast uptick in battery energy storage.


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