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Five actions for effective renewables finance risk management

In some instances, the cost of insurance could exceed 25% of annual operating and maintenance expenses, said insurance broker Marsh. The firm offers five actions to properly evaluate risks and drive portfolio growth.

Renewable energy underwriter GCube launches in Australia

Since opening in Sydney in 2022, renewable energy underwriter GCube Insurance has officially launched in Australia and is set to offer a broad range of new products to meet the needs of Australian developers and projects.

Governments unite on $7.8 billion transmission investment

The federal and New South Wales governments have combined on a landmark $7.8 billion (USD 5.25 billion) investment to help finance the development of eight critical transmission and renewable energy zone projects as they look to accelerate Australia’s clean energy future.


Risen Australia extends its warranties for residential modules

Risen Energy has extended the product warranty on its Australian residential modules from 15 to 25 years. The news comes just weeks after SunPower Maxeon pushed the Australian market by increasing its new warranties to 40 years.

Solving the EPC equation for utility-scale solar developments

We are living through uncertain times. Despite the urgency of the energy transition and the substantial and growing opportunities for new utility-scale (and larger) renewables developments, risks arise for owners, developers, lenders, investors and contractors.

Ensuring quality in Australia’s prospering utility-scale segment

Quality assurance and testing of solar farms is vital worldwide, but particularly in Australia where projects tend to be bigger and the climate more severe. Hugo Silva, Global Sales Manager at Enertis Applus+, takes a look at the different stages of testing and why they are an investment that will yield returns.

Premiums set to rise for renewable projects as insurance specialists lament years of underperformance

Insurance premiums for renewable energy projects are likely to increase again this year, as a joint report from insurance specialists finds the sector continues to underperform from an insurance perspective.


International solar fund weathers Australia’s storms, oscillations and grid constraints

Foresight Solar Fund’s 2020 annual report puts the travails endured and fixes deployed for four now powerful Australian assets in context.


Insight on Quality – the prickly issue of PV module warranties: big promises and little recourse

PV modules are being sold with ever longer warranties, but when modules underperform or fail, making claims on those warranties is rarely straightforward. So are the warranties worth the paper they’re written on? Where does this leave installers? And how can this liability be mitigated?

Deakin University set to steward new energy storage Research Hub

A New Safe and Reliable Energy Storage and Conversion Technologies Research Hub is one of five grant recipients of the Australian Research Council’s funding for Industrial Transformation. The Hub will seek to develop new technologies in energy storage to eliminate the risk of fire, as well as addressing the environmental impact of current technologies. 


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