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ClearVue secures chance to test solar window tech in Hong Kong

Western Australian solar window company ClearVue Technologies has won a tender to complete a study of its electricity generating glazing technology, which will be installed at a Hong Kong government department’s headquarters as part of a fully-funded field trial.

Scratching the surface of silicon in tandem solar cells

German scientists have investigated the role of surface texturing in perovskite-silicon tandem cells and have found that several new processes offer the ability to etch smaller, more uniform textures onto the surface of a silicon cell than today’s industry standard. This could help to ease the subsequent growth of a perovskite cell on top of the silicon, enabling researchers and manufacturers to target higher performance.

Australia’s critical minerals pipeline valuated at $10 billion

A report from consultancy Climate Energy Finance finds that Australia and New Zealand have a more than $10 billion (USD 6.7 billion) pipeline of investment proposals in resource value-adding critical minerals, including in lithium, nickel, cobalt, vanadium, rare earths, hydrogen electrolysers, green ammonia, and value-added downstream battery developments.

Global hydrogen pipeline plummets in Q4 2022

Wood Mackenzie says in a newly published report that new hydrogen capacity announcements fell year on year in 2022, while researchers claim that green hydrogen heating systems will probably not replace gas boilers in European homes.

High-capacity energy storage based on affordable, eco-friendly materials

Worldwide Universities Network researchers used cheap and abundant starting materials to synthesise a small molecule organic electrode material and achieved a considerable performance boost with various battery chemistries. The new cathode material exhibited unparalleled cycling stability, ultra-high capacity, and rate capability in aqueous zinc-ion batteries.

Why 24/7 electricity accounting needs to become the only game in town

Olivier Corradi, the CEO of Electricity Maps, speaks to pv magazine about why 24/7 granular accounting of electricity is key to decarbonisation and how the company tracks the carbon intensity of otherwise elusive electrons.

GMG wins regulatory approval for battery manufacturing plant

Australian clean tech company Graphene Manufacturing Group plans to scale up the development of its battery energy storage technology that it claims charges 70 times faster than a lithium-ion battery and has three times more battery life.

Impact of single-axis agrivoltaics systems on non-irrigated grassland

US researchers are studying how agrivoltaic systems mounted on single-axis trackers affect rainfall and light redistribution at a 1.2 MW installation on grassland in Boulder, Colorado.

Efficiency of solar vehicles in real-world conditions

A new three-year pilot project will assess the efficiency of vehicle-integrated PV and verify it with on-the-road monitoring and testing. The goal is to predict the charging infrastructure needed for electric vehicles with PV modules.


Australia’s top 10 solar panel and inverter manufacturers revealed

Analysis from Sunwiz has revealed Australia’s breakdown of top rooftop solar and inverter manufacturers for 2022.


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