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Fortescue lands grant for massive hydrogen electrolyser in Queensland

Plans to build one of the world’s largest renewable energy powered electrolysers in Queensland continue to gather pace with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency awarding $13.7 million (USD 8.8 million) to the proponents of the project to help finance a $38 million front-end engineering and design study.

Northern Territory flicks switch on Alice Springs VPP

Smart technology that controls energy flow on power grids could soon be the norm in the Northern Territory with a trial launched in the outback town of Alice Springs that will test the economic and energy efficiency of a rooftop solar-driven virtual power plant.

Ultra-fast synthesis of nanocomposites for sodium ion batteries, supercapacitors

Researchers in Egypt have developed a synthesis method that uses the high microwave absorbance of silicon carbide content in rice straw ash and takes just 60 seconds to produce sodium iron phosphates-carbon nanocomposites (NaFePO4-C), which can be used as sodium ion battery cathodes and as symmetric supercapacitors.

How long do rooftop residential solar panels last?

Multiple factors affect the productive lifespan of a residential solar panel. In the first part of this series, we look at the solar panels themselves.

Bright reports positive signs in sheep grazing pilot

Renewables developer Bright Energy Investments has reported positive signs after launching a sheep grazing trial to replace mechanical methods of maintaining vegetation growth at the 40 MW Greenough River Solar Farm in Western Australia’s mid-west.

Bowen points to manufacturing revival as part of national EV strategy

Australia’s car manufacturing industry could be restarted as the federal government considers ways to increase the affordability, supply and uptake of electric vehicle technologies.

Super-fast, long-life aqueous rechargeable zinc battery

An international group of researchers has demonstrated an aqueous zinc battery with excellent performance in terms of capacity, rate capability, specific energy, and output voltage. The supercapacitor-battery hybrid device has also shown unprecedented cycling stability 99.2% capacity retention after 17,000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge.

Google to use Australian power tracing tech in Sydney trial

Google will be using Australian company Enosi’s technology to trace its energy use in Sydney, part of its journey towards time matched renewables – a far more ambitious and globally favoured standard.


Novel tech to recycle silver, aluminum from end-of-life solar panels

Researchers in the United Kingdom have developed a new method of extracting silver and aluminium from end-of-life PV cells using iron chloride and aluminium chloride dissolved in brines. According to the research team, the cheap solvents retrieve up to 95% of the metals within 10 minutes, achieving a 98% purity of silver chloride.


Scientists study transparent organic PV materials for solar window applications

A team of scientists in the United States have designed a transparent organic photovoltaic material for solar window applications in commercial buildings.


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