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United States county uses innovative method to identify optimal solar sites

A U.S. research group has used high-resolution data to drill down to individual parcels of land, in order to figure out how much space is available for solar at optimal locations and preferred sites.

Fraunhofer ISE sets record efficiency for front/back solar cell

The cell reached 26.0% efficiency and showed open-circuit voltage values of up to 732 mV. It was fabricated with a back junction (BJ) design with a full-area p-n-junction at the back surface.

Hair! Coming to a next-generation solar cell near you

A human hair derivative has been found to protect, stabilise and enhance the performance of perovskite solar cells.


Solar and wind together overhaul global hydro capacity

The latest set of clean energy statistics compiled by the International Renewable Energy Agency signal a changing of the guard when it comes to clean power, with legacy hydropower facilities overtaken by new intermittent renewables.

Solar PV driving green hydrogen to undercut gas, says latest BloombergNEF forecast

BloombergNEF’s latest modelling has found that solar PV is the key driver behind an accelerating cost decline in green hydrogen. The forecast shows green hydrogen’s cost declining by 85% by 2050, undercutting natural gas as well as both blue and grey hydrogen production.


Let there be light! And the research to harness it

Some of Australia’s most thrilling thinkers are scientifically investigating the applications of light and developing new light-absorbing materials. Like human investment in space travel the dedication to solar research is paying back beyond its remit. pv magazine talks to one far-reaching centre of excellence in the field.

AEMO publishes ‘Engineering Framework’ for accelerating energy transition

The Australian Energy Market Operator has published an engineering framework as it looks to conceive a broader framework for how the National Energy Market can facilitate the accelerating energy transition.

Here’s what Biden’s infrastructure bill offers solar and cleantech

The $2 trillion package includes a proposed 10-year extension of the ITC and PTC and calls for further incentives to add transmission capacity. Most solar advocates liked it, but one nonprofit panned it as being too industry-friendly.

Solar steals the show at Melbourne Design Week 

An independent exhibition brought to Melbourne Design Week by a group of 15 of the city’s top architectural firms demonstrates the blueprint for Melbourne’s transformation to “A New Normal”. “A New Normal” is a plan to transform Greater Melbourne into a self-sufficient city by 2030.

Australian cleantech startup competition draws $50,000 grant for winner

A $50,000 development grant will be awarded to the winner of this year’s national ClimateLaunchpad competition, which aims launch early-stage cleantech startups into the market.


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