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JinkoSolar builds 7 GW wafer factory in Vietnam

The new factory should begin production within six months and serve the company’s cell and module assembly factories in Malaysia, as well as the module assembly facility in the United States.

JinkoSolar, Longi, JA Solar claim 182mm modules offer lowest LCOE for utility scale solar

In a white paper, the three Chinese module manufacturers have reiterated the well-known refrain “bigger is not always better.” Experts from the three companies compared the BoS costs of 182mm-wafer-based modules and 210mm products, and found that the former have a slight advantage in racking, foundation, and land costs.

JinkoSolar reaches record 25.25% efficiency with n-type monocrystalline TOPCon solar cell

The Chinese module manufacturer said the 0.35% improvement in efficiency was obtained through material upgrades integrated into the cell process and fabrication. The result was confirmed by China’s National Institute of Metrology.

JinkoSolar Celebrates 3.2GW sales to the Australian market

JinkoSolar today announced that shipments to Australia have passed 3.2GW in May 2021. JinkoSolar has long been a market leader globally, and is a popular choice for utility, residential and commercial projects in the sunburnt lands of Australia.

JinkoSolar 2020 results reveal a resilient supply of Tier 1 solar modules

Pandemic uncertainties have concentrated key solar players and “heightened competition for ‘survival of the fittest'”, says JinkoSolar Chairman and CEO Xiande Li. The company’s latest figures show it is well placed in Australia and in the global arena.


JinkoSolar unwraps 415 W PV panel for rooftop applications

The new, Tiger Pro 54HC panel is based on a 182mm, 54-cell design and exhibits an efficiency of up to 21.3%. The manufacturer claims the new product is particularly suitable for residential projects in high snow or high wind load areas.

JinkoSolar claims a third of Australia’s utility-scale PV generation

Since establishing its Australian subsidiary in 2012 JinkoSolar has substantially expanded its rooftop presence and, notably, its big-time contribution to the National Electricity Market.


JinkoSolar completes supply agreements totaling 100MW with Blue Sun Group

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. announced today that they have confirmed orders totaling more than 100MW with specialist wholesale distributor Blue Sun Group, with the focus of the orders on JinkoSolar’s Cheetah Plus panels.

Hanwha Q-Cells wins patent litigation against JinkoSolar, REC Solar and Longi in Germany

The Düsseldorf Regional Court has agreed Chinese rivals of the Korean manufacturer illegally used its patented passivation technology. The judges granted Hanwha Q-Cells an injunction which requires Jinko, REC and Longi to retrieve all modules featuring the patented technology distributed in Germany since late January last year. Hanwha can also opt to have the offending products destroyed.

Another billion-dollar quarter for JinkoSolar

Despite the challenges to both the manufacturing and shipment of its products during the period, JinkoSolar today reported that it shipped 3.4 GW of modules in the first quarter of 2020, bringing its revenue for the quarter just over the billion dollar mark.

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