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Latent heat thermal storage with PV for nearly zero-energy buildings

Researchers in Italy are combining PV with latent heat thermal storage (LHTM) and other renewable energy sources to maximize clean energy consumption in buildings. The 47kW PV array and LHTM system work independently, but the scientists said that a heat pump could be used to link them.

Storing solar power with compressed carbon dioxide

An Italian company has developed a system that can store energy from wind, solar and grid electricity by compressing and using CO2 without any emissions. The system draws CO2 from an inflatable atmospheric gas holder, stores it, and uses it to produce power again, when demand for stored energy arises.

Long-duration thermal storage system based on silica sand

Developed by Italian dry bottom ash handling system provider Magaldi Power, the system produces green thermal energy — steam or hot air — which can be used directly in industrial plants or for the generation of electricity using steam turbines. The system consists of a blower, a fluidisation air blowing system, a fluidisation air suction system, an air filter and fan, an air pre-heater, and an integrated thermal energy storage module. Silica sands are the system’s storage media.

New Horizons secures contract for WA’s biggest battery

Italy-headquartered energy storage specialist New Horizons Ahead has been awarded the contract to build a 100 MW/200 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) at the site of the decommissioned Kwinana Power Station near Perth in Western Australia.


Cylindrical solar panel for street lighting

Developed by an Italian manufacturer, the panel is available in three versions with a power output of 100, 120, and 240 W and has a weight of 5 kg. It is encapsulated in thermoformable plastic technical polymers and can be connected in series with other modules around the same post.

Fimer launches two new inverters for large scale projects

The Italian manufacturer has showcased a high-power multi-MPPT string inverter and modular conversion solution – designed to supply both decentralised and centralised systems.

PV-powered desalination system for water-poor, sun-rich rural areas

Italian start-up Genius Watter has developed a solar desalination solution that is claimed to be particularly suitable for remote areas with no connection to grid electricity. The system is able to produce up to 1,000 cubic meters of potable water per day at an opex of €0.20 per cubic meter.


Macquarie sets up unit to build 8 GW solar project pipeline in Europe

Green Investment Group, owned by Macquarie, has launched Cero Generation, which will operate on a European scale and carry out both ground-mounted and commercial scale power generation projects. It will also provide integrated energy storage solutions.


FuturaSun enters Australian PV market

Italian-headquartered module manufacturer FuturaSun has completed accrediting its module range with the Clean Energy Council.

A mechanical technique for PV module recycling

An Italian consortium has developed a panel recycling process it claims can recover up to 99% of raw materials. The developers claim their technique takes only 40 seconds to fully recycle a standard panel, depending on size and recycling site conditions.


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