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U.S. startup claims doubled energy output with terrain-following solar array

United States-headquartered startup Planted Solar uses construction robots and high-density arrays to deliver what the company says are higher energy outputs per hectare and lower balance of system costs.

Big batteries solve solar issues in California, can they do the same for Australia?

When you graph electricity demand in power grids with lots of solar panels, it looks a bit like a duck, with high points in the morning and evening (when people are relying on the grid) and a big dip in the middle of the day (when many people use their own solar instead and need less from the grid).

AGA inks 3 GW electrolyser deal for NT green hydrogen project

North American hydrogen technology company Plug Power has agreed to supply up to 3 GW of electrolysers to Western Australian chemical company Allied Green Ammonia for a large-scale, renewables-based hydrogen and ammonia production project planned for the Northern Territory.

South Australian teams with California on clean energy ambitions

The South Australian and California state governments have signed an historic agreement that will see them work together on advancing the clean energy transition and the integration of renewable energies, including green hydrogen, into their respective grids.


US module maker signs deal to build mega factory in Indonesia

United States-headquartered module maker SEG Solar has struck a deal for the development and operation of a PV manufacturing facility on the Indonesian island of Java with a production capacity of 5 GW of silicon wafers, 5 GW of solar cells, and 5 GW of PV modules.

Research shows high-albedo ground reflectors increase bifacial solar plant yield by up to 4.5%

Tests conducted by Canadian researchers at the NREL’s testing field in the United States have shown that ground reflectors based on high-density polyethylene can significantly increase bifacial PV plant performance. They stressed the profitability of this technology is strictly dependent on the location and warned about combining it with inverter clipping.


Redflow lands second US defence battery contract

Queensland flow battery company Redflow has won a second deal with the United States Department of Defence to supply a non-lithium energy storage solution that will be deployed to improve energy security at a major naval base in Italy.

NSW battery materials company plans U.S. manufacturing plant

Australian battery materials technology company Sicona has confirmed it will develop its first commercial manufacturing facility in the United States as part of its ambition to become the biggest producer of silicon-carbon battery materials in the world.


Iron-based redox flow battery for grid-scale storage

Researchers in the United States have repurposed a commonplace chemical used in water treatment facilities to develop an all-liquid, iron-based redox flow battery for large-scale energy storage. Their lab-scale battery exhibited strong cycling stability over 1,000 consecutive charging cycles, while maintaining 98.7% of its original capacity.

ACEN and BrightNight to develop 1 GW of renewables in Philippines

Both active in the Australian renewables market, Philippines-based energy company ACEN has partnered with United States-headquartered producer BrightNight to develop the latter’s 1 GW renewable power portfolio in the Philippines.

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