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H2EX’s Australia ‘natural hydrogen’ survey set for Q4

The International Energy Agency has warned that lagging policy support, rising costs, and supply chain disruptions threaten the profitability of low-emission hydrogen, meanwhile the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has identified hydrogen seeps in South Australia.

Redflow wins major contract with US Department of Defence

Brisbane-based flow battery company, Redflow, has inked $4.4 million a deal with the US Department of Defence to deliver a prototype microgrid at a New York state airbase, with up to 1.4 MWh of zinc-bromide battery storage.

Three steps to reduce battery storage fire risk

Lithium-ion batteries are generally safe and unlikely to fail, but they can catch fire if damaged, stored, or operated incorrectly. With calls mounting for development of engineering good practice, US-based Firetrace International suggests three steps that battery manufacturers, developers and operators should take into account.

Tesla launches Powerwall 3 battery

Tesla has launched the Powerwall 3 battery with an energy capacity of 13.5 kW and continuous on-grid power of 11.5 kW, featuring dimensions of 110 cm x 61 cm x 19.3 cm and a weight of 130 kg.

Overcapacity hammering solar stocks

BloombergNEF Senior Analyst Jenny Chase and Aurora Energy Research Renewables Lead Rebecca McManus speak with pv magazine about financial market trends for solar companies and the role of overcapacity as a driver of turbulence in the industry.

How long do residential solar panels last?

Multiple factors affect the productive lifespan of a residential solar panel. In the first part of this series, we look at the solar panels themselves.

NASA pictures hydrogen-emitting ‘fairy circles’ in WA

NASA has released an image of “fairy circle” clusters in the North Perth Basin of Western Australia, noting the formations have been discovered to naturally seep hydrogen gas from their perimeters.


WA lithium miner backs US giant’s $6.6 billion takeover bid, sparks unusual trading activity

The board of Australian lithium developer Liontown Resources has backed a refreshed $6.6 billion (USD 4.3 billion) bid from US company Albemarle Corp., the world’s largest lithium producer. Since then, Liontown has seen a massive spike in trading, with speculation about it being linked to Australia’s richest person.


Nextracker unveils three next-gen solar racking products

Australia’s most popular mounting solution brand, US company Nextacker, has released a hail stow-ready rack, a terrain following tracker and an irradiance-tracking yield optimiser.

Anode-less redox flow batteries capable of fast cycling

Researchers in the US have demonstrated that replacing the planar lithium anode in a redox mediated lithium-sulfur redox flow battery with a high surface area scaffold enables 10 times faster cycling, up to 10 mA cm−2, without short circuit or voltage instability.

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