GoodWe’s new lightweight PV modules now on rooftops

Alspec rooftop with GoodWe Galaxy Series panels


GoodWe is continuing to expand its product line successfully, with a 100kW lightweight solar rooftop project completed for Alspec, a NSW-based aluminium processing company.

Alspec, like many businesses, faces steep electricity price hikes, with the most recent 30% increase making it difficult for a company relying on aluminium alloy processing, cutting, welding, and coating, as it makes windows, doorframes, and more, in all types.

The rooftop for Alspec needed special products due to a new low-load bearing rooftop, meaning traditional solar panels couldn’t be installed. GoodWe’s Galaxy Series modules, rated at 315W and 2,116 mm × 777 mm × 4 mm and weigh 9 kg, or 5.6 kg per m2, which is around 50-60% lighter than a conventional panel. The project was coupled with GoodWe’s HT 100kW string inverters, with the system projected to cover 80% of Alspec’s electricity needs for production and operations.

The modules use an ultra-thin glass at 1.6mm thick to save on weight, with GoodWe saying it has strong hail and wind resistance, for durability and safety to buildings with all-weather protection. Depending on the installation, panels are glued or air welded to the roof, and in special cases, a bracket is also available that can be used. According to GoodWe’s warranty documents, the Galaxy Series has a 12-year warranty on product defects, and extends a 30-year power output guarantee based on the panel producing is no less than 82.05% of the nominal power output. The company has also expanded its product line to include specialised carport panels.

Apollo Chai, head of GoodWe Australian BIPV Marketing, stated, “We’re pleased to provide this smart BIPV solution for Alspec. GoodWe is committed to expanding our commercial and industrial solution portfolio, offering customised solutions tailored to our customers’ energy needs. We anticipate partnering with more business owners to reduce energy expenses and achieve energy savings and emission reductions.”

BIPV opportunities

Lightweight solar panels are becoming increasingly popular both in new builds and retrofits. The latter is especially the case with commercial and industrial applications, where existing roofs that cannot support the weight of traditional solar panels, such as older roofs, roofs with low load-bearing capacity, and roofs with complex shapes, are regularly found.

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