First hydrogen-powered prime mover truck hits Australia’s commercial market


Pure Hydrogen, a company positioning itself as a supplier of both hydrogen-powered vehicles and hydrogen itself, showcased its 220 kW Taurus hydrogen fuel cell truck in Brisbane’s Truck Show earlier this year. 

At the time, the company said the Taurus would be able to handle loads of up to 70 tonnes – but none of the company’s channels specify its current haulage. Its website, however, states the prime movers have a range of 400 kilometres, though in the Stockhead announcement a figure of 600 kilometres is given.

The 6×4 Prime Mover is supplied by HDrive, the company’s website says, though it stresses the vehicle’s Australian design.

Representatives from Pure Hydrogen and HDrive with the Taurus, a 220kW 6×4 hydrogen fuel-cell prime mover truck.

Image: Pure Hydrogen

Pure Hydrogen’s sales manager, Clint Butler, says the Taurus prime mover “can be on the road in nine months from time of order,” adding that this turnaround is quicker than a tradition diesel truck today.

Following the Brisbane showcase, Pure Hydrogen took a Taurus truck to one of PepsiCo Australia’s Brisbane manufacturing sites for trialling.

Pure Hydrogen is also pursuing an agreement with Australia’s largest privately-owned waste management company, JJ Waste & Recycling. In March 2022, it announced it would work with the company to put hydrogen-powered garbage trucks on the streets of south east of Queensland before 2022 is out. While that date passed, the agreement remains in place with Pure Hydrogen saying in October that the development and construction work was “nearing completion.”

The use of hydrogen in vehicles has been a hotly debated in Australia, but found a foothold in the heavy vehicle and trucking sector. This is because unlike electric vehicles, which well and truly hold marketshare when it comes to passenger cars, the batteries needed for big trucks are extremely heavy and require downtime to charge. 

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