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Rural Victorian medical centre joins the solar carpark push

East Grampians Health Service, located abut 200 kilometres west of Melbourne, will install a 174 kW system on the roof of its carparks after receiving funding from the Victorian government’s Building Works package.

How zinc-bromide innovators Gelion found a way to cheaply manufacturer batteries in Australia

Sydney-founded battery company Gelion Technolgies today announced its partnership with lead-acid battery manufacturer Battery Energy Power Solutions. The news reflects a significant adjustment of the company’s battery design and business strategy, which is seeking to leverage industry shifts.


Suite of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles to enter Australian market following Warrego fanfare

Australian startup H2X is banking on bringing automotive manufacturing back to Australia with hydrogen. After its Warrego ute was met with startling fanfare last week, pv magazine Australia caught up with the company’s corporate affairs specialist, Tony Blackie.


How Europe’s carbon border tax will affect Australia

Europe plans to introduce a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism in two years, requiring importers to pay a carbon price on steel, iron, aluminium, cement, electricity and fertiliser initially. Experts explain what the changes will mean for Australia’s export future, and just how little the legality debate matters.

The sci-fi future of EVs: vehicles could become the grid

Electric vehicles could autonomously transport electrons between where they’re generated and where they’re needed based on algorithms and smart software, predicts JET Charge CEO Tim Washington. Such a future, he admits, is “pretty sci-fi” and still a while off.


Wood-fed hydrogen plant proposed for NSW in $15 million Singapore deal

Plans to create hydrogen by burning wood have swollen in New South Wales’ Hunter Valley, after sawmill offshoot, Sweetman Renewables, yesterday announced a $15 million deal with Singapore’s CAC-H₂ to construct the country’s largest wood-fed hydrogen production plant.


Hydrogen-fuelled ute developed in Australia readies to launch

Hydrogen vehicle maker H2X is set to unveil its Australian-developed fuel cell electric hybrid Warrego Ute in November.


Solar carpark now powering Wollongong’s council

Wollongong council’s administration building is now being powered, at least partially, through a 200 kWp+ solar carpark.

Spinning against a wall: Aussie athletes scold government inaction as enduring country myth disproven

With 370 of its most beloved athletes lambasting the country’s climate inaction on the same day its coal-loving base was revealed to be little more than a mirage, the Morrison government must front up to both its own people and global peers as elections and summits loom.

Victoria opens tender for ‘at least’ 600 MW of renewables in second reverse auction

The Victorian government has launched its second Victorian Renewable Energy Target auction, aiming to attract “at least” 600 MW of new renewable energy capacity to the state.

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