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Vehicle-integrated solar kit may reduce frequency of recharging by 14%

Developed by the French research institute Liten, the prototype kit consists of a 145 W PV panel, a magnetic rear panel, and an MPPT charge controller. It also includes a battery and a micro-inverter that can be used to inject the stored energy into the grid when the vehicle is recharged.

Taiwan’s largest battery comes online

United Renewable Energy has energised a 15 MW/15 MWh battery energy storage system connected to a 150 MW solar park located near the southern Taiwanese city of Tainan.

Sunpower launches two new batteries for residential applications

The two batteries have a storage capacity of 13 and 19.5 kWh, respectively. Both lithium-ion systems use LiFePO4 as the cathode material and have a round-trip efficiency of over 86%.

Energy Vault to deploy 2 GWh of gravity storage in China

Energy Vault’s EVx storage system is comparable to pumped hydro, using grid-scale renewable energy when supply is abundant to drive motors and raise 30-ton blocks on a six-arm crane tower, rather than water, up to a height. When power needs to be discharged back to the grid, the blocks are lowered, harvesting the kinetic energy.


UK startup unveils solar trees for commercial, industrial areas

United Kingdom-based SolarBotanic Trees will begin offering its solar trees in early 2023. The systems will use monocrystalline cells with an efficiency of up to 24%, encapsulated in a 3D shape.


Scientists study transparent organic PV materials for solar window applications

A team of scientists in the United States have designed a transparent organic photovoltaic material for solar window applications in commercial buildings.


Construction begins on world’s second-largest PV project

A 3 GW solar installation will be built in the Tengger Desert, in northern China. It will require an investment of around $3.18 billion (CNY 15.25 billion).

PV-powered electrolysis module to produce hydrogen from moisture in air

A team of Australian scientists have developed a new way to produce hydrogen using water from the atmosphere. They claim their new module can ensure stable performance and provide green hydrogen for remote areas.


Sharp unveils black-framed 410 W half-cut solar panels

Sharp’s newest PV modules feature white backsheets and are made for the needs of design-oriented customers.

Solid-state hydrogen storage techniques at a glance

Scientists compared hydrogen storage techniques and found that physical methods are closer to commercial feasibility, while materials-based techniques have strong potential.


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