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Free solar systems to be given to South Australian concession holders from today

South Australian concession holders can now opt to switch their payments for a brand new solar system as part of the state government’s Switch for Solar pilot program which kicked off on Monday.

Solar powered ice-cream beer? Say no more

Ben & Jerry’s and 4 Pines, two companies who have been long supportive of renewable energy, have teamed up to create a limited-edition Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Nitro Beer which will also help a community group receive a solar installation from Enova Community Energy.

Powercor to unlock more than 1.3 GW of queuing large-scale renewable projects

Transmission is not the only way, proves network service provider Powercor with its new plan to help Victoria hit its ambitious emissions reduction targets, while considering the needs and sensitivities of regions set to host the state’s Renewable Energy Zones.

$2 billion blueprint to run a green hydrogen river through the Hunter Valley

Hydrogen is the word on everyone’s lips as the Federal Government champions hubs of no particular colour. Seasoned clean players such as Energy Estate are identifying greenfield opportunities for renewable energy and industry to meet.

How will you know it’s green hydrogen?

Thinking backwards from demand for green hydrogen, the Smart Energy Council identified that investors and customers will have to be able to trust the integrity of the product. Its world-first verification scheme, launched in late 2020 is gaining international traction.


Saturday read: China reaches a tipping point in 2021

This year will be a key period in the development of China’s solar PV market. It is the first year of the 14th five-year plan, the first calendar year after President Xi Jinping announced the 2030-60 carbon emissions commitment, and the first year for utility and commercial unsubsidised projects. IHS Markit expects the solar industry in China to reach another milestone with more than 60 GW of installations this year, advancing the ground for the energy transition and the displacement of traditional energy sources to fullfill the goal of a net carbon future over the next four decades to come.

Lightsource bp gets approval for 600MW NSW solar energy hub

British-headquartered solar developer Lightsource BP has received approval to develop a 600 MWdc solar PV hub in central western New South Wales which the company said could become the largest renewable energy power hub in the state.


‘Hydrogen as a universal climate solution might be a bit of false promise’

Hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels will not be able to move forward fast enough to replace fossil fuels and tackle climate change, according to a German-Swiss research team that claims direct electrification alternatives are cheaper and easier to implement. The scientists cite too-high prices, short-term scarcity and long-term uncertainty, as the main reasons for their skepticism, which has caused a stir in academic circles.

Rooftop CPV-thermal tech to produce electricity and freshwater

It’s claimed the decentralised desalination system can deliver a levelised cost for desalinated water of US$0.7-4.3/m3, depending on PV costs and electricity prices. It was built with several concentrated photovoltaic/thermal (CPV-T) collectors, a hot water tank, a V-MEMD module, a seawater feed tank, and a distillate tank.

NSW leads nation with record number of rooftop solar PV installs

New South Wales is leading the rooftop solar PV race with homeowners in the state installing more than 100,000 systems in 2020 according to the CSIRO following a detailed analysis of data released by the Clean Energy Regulator.