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Singapore secures stake in Australian green hydrogen projects

Singapore’s trillion-dollar sovereign wealth fund GIC has made a “strategic” investment in renewables developer InterContinental Energy, one of the major players behind mega solar and wind-powered green hydrogen projects planned for Western Australia’s Pilbara and southeast regions.

Coupling photovoltaics with thermoelectric cooling

An international research team has investigated how solar could be combined with thermoelectric coolers (TECs), which are small solid-state heat pumps used either for heating or for cooling. A system was built with six solar panels, an air duct system, four batteries, a charge controller, TECs, an inverter, heat sinks, a test chamber, and condenser fans.

UGL secures solar projects as part of $296 million works package

Australian engineering firm UGL has secured the design and works contract for an 88 MW solar farm in outback Queensland and the engineering, procurement and construction contract for an 87 MW solar farm in South Australia as part of a works package expected to deliver a combined revenue of more than $296 million.

Energy insecurity has Cambodian water factories bottling sunshine

Singapore-based Canopy Power recently completed the installation of a 600kWp solar microgrid on the site of Cambodia’s largest water bottling facility. The solar-plus-storage system takes a lot of the pressure off the factory’s diesel dependence and, in light of a similar completed project by French energy giant TotalEnergies last week in the same region, signals a trend toward the reliability of solar and storage.

Zinc-air battery and PV to power apartment complex

A 100kW/1.5MWh zinc-air battery will be installed in Queens, New York, in combination with a combined heat and power system and a PV array. The pilot project is intended to demonstrate the long-duration energy storage capability of the zinc-air battery.

WA gold miner to install hybrid PV-gas system with hydrogen capacity

Gold developer Calidus Resources has become the latest miner to decarbonise its Western Australian operations by installing a 19 MW hybrid solar PV-gas power system which in future could be up to a quarter fuelled by hydrogen.

‘Sun tax’ scaffolding unveiled to prevent solar households getting gouged

The debate around what’s become known as Australia’s “solar tax” has rounded a new corner, with the Australian Energy Regulator publishing its draft guidelines for solar export tariffs.

Australia-wide solar fit out means concrete progress for sustainable construction

Humes, a division of concrete company Holcim Australia, is making moves on its emissions reductions targets with the installation of rooftop solar on 10 of its sites across Australia. With a number of the projects already completed, Humes expects to finish the large-scale layout by the end of March 2022.

Building materials company Bowens invests $1.2 million in solar and sustainability future

Victoria’s Bowens has invested $1.2 million in a large scale rooftop solar installation along with power factor correction units in order to cut its carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices in the construction sector. With new home builds and renovations surging across Australia, it is not just residential rooftops that can make an impact on the nations’ carbon footprint, but commercial rooftops as well.


Western Australian solar farm leads way in performance stakes

SUN Energy’s 100 MW Merredin Solar Farm in Western Australia has emerged as the country’s best performing utility PV project in 2021 with international consultancy firm Rystad Energy noting it delivered an average capacity factor of 29.6% for the calendar year.


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