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Australia lacks interest in EVs, global study finds

A global study has found that Australia lacks interest in EVs, a finding due largely to the impedimental admixture of cost, range anxiety and lack of charging options.


Electricity prices to drop, thanks largely to influx of new renewables

The AEMC’s annual report on electricity price trends predicts the continued fall in electricity prices around Australia. The trend, says the AEMC, is driven in some large part by the influx of renewable energy generation.

SolarEdge smart panel: “Quick installations give me time for more quotes in the afternoon”

With all the benefits of its power optimization and smart monitoring system, SolarEdge’s new Smart Panels allows for quick installation, with the array’s key components all covered “under the same umbrella.” For installer Joe Harvey from SEA Solutions on the NSW Central Coast, the new integrated module offering has reduced costs for both him and his customers: “We’ve found that everyone wins.”

Long read: What broke at Oakey

With its high wholesale power prices, attractiveness to capital, wide open spaces and abundant sunshine, there is every reason to believe Australia is a PV project developer’s nirvana. However, as the wreckage at the 55 MW Oakey 2 site in Queensland reveals, challenges under the Australian sun should not be taken lightly.


Newcastle unveils 5 MW solar farm on disused landfill

Located on a disused landfill that was once part of a coal mine, the newly completed solar farm will save ratepayers around $9 million over its 25-year lifespan.

Mirvac commits to 100% renewables as RE100 experiences banner year

Mirvac has become the first Australian property company to join RE100, reaffirming its commitment to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030. Growing by a third with 40% of that growth coming from Asia and the South Pacific, the global initiative which brings together companies committed to sourcing all of their energy from renewables is experiencing its biggest year yet.

Greentech raises funds for greenhouse gas-to-hydrogen investment, eyes $100m Australian opportunity

California-based Greentech startup ReCarbon, which recycles greenhouse gases by converting them into hydrogen, is targeting a big Australian investment.


Epho commences construction of its first urban solar farm

Construction is underway on the first urban solar farm to harness the power of clean energy using Epho’s Bright Thinkers Power Station. The technology overcomes various constraints for solar in the city allowing installations to operate both behind and in front of the meter.

Victoria proposes cuts to minimum feed-in tariffs

Victoria’s Essential Services Commission has proposed electricity retailers should offer PV owners the option to choose between a single rate feed-in tariff and a time-varying feed-in tariff, and set lower minimum rates for both.

Pernod Ricard becomes first Australian winemaker to switch to 100% renewables

All of the winemaker’s Australian sites are now using renewable electricity thanks to the completion of the nation’s largest combined winery solar installation and a 10-year power purchase agreement to source renewable electricity.


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