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Timely Tesla delivery charges Queensland’s community-scale battery toward fruition

Queensland’s first community-scale battery is nearing completion after the delivery of its 4 MW Tesla battery. The battery, to be charged with excess solar power from Townsville’s residential rooftop PV, should connect to the grid by the end of the summer.

TAI wants fossil fuel producers to foot bushfire bill

The Australia Institute (TAI) has criticised the Government’s $2 billion bushfire recovery fund, questioning why the taxpayer should foot the bill when a levy on fossil fuel producers would be a better way of funding the recovery.


Researchers develop Intelligent Charger to make EV charging a two-way street

Researchers at Sydney’s Macquarie University have developed a multi-functional device that can be easily installed in any EV to alleviate energy anxiety in the vehicle and the household. The Intelligent Charger could be the necessary bridge in the transition to EVs.


NSW to Victoria interconnector disconnected as bushfires threaten transmission

Australia’s bushfire crisis is beginning to expose a National Energy Market over-reliant on vulnerable individual elements. Does Australia’s changing environment necessitate a localised energy future?


Parking on Sunshine, Brimbank Council switches on new solar-powered carpark

The City of Brimbank continues to intensify its high penetration of rooftop solar PV with the addition of a new array and accompanying electric vehicle charging station atop a multi-deck in the solar-friendly suburb of Sunshine.


New lithium-sulfur battery unveiled by Aussie scientists

Scientists at Monash University claim to have developed the world’s most efficient lithium-sulfur battery. They say the new device could enable an electric vehicle to drive more than 1,000km on a single charge.

Out with the old and in with the new – researchers warn against outdated EV road tax

Australia’s transition to electric vehicles (EV) is well and truly underway, so it is no wonder that state and federal governments are teasing out ways to tax its progress. Victorian and NSW governments already devising plans, but is the EV industry ready? And what is more, are governmental plans already out of date?


New Year, new robotic broom for Australian solar farms

Cleaning contractors, EPCs and O&M firms are the prospective customers of SolarCleano, a robotic solar-panel cleaner designed and developed in Luxembourg and kicking up a storm of dust and debris worldwide.


Tritium accounts for substantial losses in 2019

The Australian EV passenger fleet may be just a twinkle in the eye of green futurists, but Brisbane-based Tritium, a leader in fast-charging technology, is also rolling out its R&D, manufacturing and enabling infrastructure across more advanced markets in Europe and the US. After posting a more than $47 million loss in 2019, CEO, David Finn talks about Tritium’s outlook for 2020 and beyond.


A Green New Deal for Australia

This cataclysmic bushfire season demonstrates the risk that climate change poses to Australia’s economic and social prosperity. Stanford’s international roadmap to freedom from fossil fuels by 2050 says Australia needs another 280 GW of solar PV and tens of billions of dollars of investment to turn down the heat.


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