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Western Europe

German machinery unlocks onsite transmission line recycling in Australia

Grid operator Transgrid has partnered with German machine manufacturer Zeck for the use of its innovative steel separation technology. Zeck’s machine can process electricity transmission lines into a recycle-ready state onsite. Previously, Transgrid sent old transmission lines offshore for this process at a much higher cost to both the grid operator’s revenue and the environment.

Novel design for high-power PEM fuel cells

UNSW Sydney researchers have developed an algorithm to enhance images of PEM fuel cells, meanwhile South Korean researchers have revealed a scalable production method for platinum-based fuel cell catalysts. Germany has moved forward on its hydrogen strategy by signing agreements with Australia, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Gentari seals deal for Wirsol’s Australian solar and storage assets

Malaysian oil and gas giant Petronas’ clean energy business Gentari has finalised its acquisition of Wirsol Energy’s Australian renewables assets, including 422 MW of operational capacity across solar and storage facilities, and 765 MW of potential capacity under development.

How safe are second-life EV batteries as home energy storage devices?

There is currently no widely accepted test methodology to assess the safety of second-life lithium-ion batteries (LiBs). However, a UK government study reveals two opposing views on their safety, raising concerns over whether such devices should be deployed in homes under any circumstances.


Industry and academia combine to develop energy transition hub

German industrial giant Siemens has partnered with Swinburne University of Technology to develop a future grid mapping “energy transition hub.” The project seeks to accelerate the transition to renewable energies by bringing research and industry together while also serving as a learning tool for Swinburne students.

UK renewables giant targets Australian solar with $145 million spending spree

UK-headquartered fund manager Glennmont Partners has its sights firmly set on the Australian renewable energy market after announcing it plans to acquire, build and operate a portfolio of large-scale solar farms and energy storage assets as part of a $145 million (USD 100 million) strategy.

Zinc-ion batteries for residential applications

Enerpoly produces low-cost, low-maintenance zinc-ion battery storage systems for durations of two to 10 hours. The Swedish battery specialist now plans to develop prototypes of a residential plug-in storage system with rechargeable zinc batteries in Europe, under an EU-funded collaborative project with Austrian startup EET.

PV-powered seawater desalination for afforestation carbon capture

Finnish researchers have proposed the use of solar, wind, and storage to provide desalinated seawater to restore forests. Their model predicts that an additional 10.7 TW of PV would be needed to actually do this by 2100, leading to a cumulative carbon dioxide sequestration potential of 730 gigatonnes.

Survey shows 34.3% failure rate for residential inverters over 15 years

The Bern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland has published the initial results of a survey on the durability and performance of residential PV inverters and power optimisers over a 15-year period. They found that more than 65% of the inverters did not present yield-relevant faults by their 15th year of operation.

Malaysian oil giant reportedly set to buy Wirsol’s Australian portfolio

Malaysian oil giant Petronas is reportedly set to buy the Australian renewable assets of German developer Wirsol. With roughly 750 MW of solar and storage projects and nearly double that in development, the deal could be worth between $900 million (USD 625 million) to $1 billion, according to Reuters.

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