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Commercial & Industrial PV

Sport’s 20,000 MWh goal — ACF throws down the solar gauntlet

A team ethic can achieve more than individual courageous acts. The Australian Conservation Foundation has launched a new campaign to inspire sporting venues and clubs to go solar!


Changing the metrics of desirability: Melbourne’s Burwood Brickworks achieves momentous certification

The eastern suburbs of Melbourne are now home to the most certifiably sustainable shopping centre in the world. But to think of it only in those terms hardly does the project justice – rather, Melbourne is now home to a building which defies the limits of its own concept, imploring people to reconsider the value metrics through which space, cities and perhaps even lifestyles are appraised.

Longi unveils two PV modules for distributed generation

The two new products will be part of the Hi-MO4m panel series for rooftop applications. Their efficiency ranges from 19.2% to 21.2%.

Deakin University’s enterprising plans for its new microgrid

Microgrids afford an opportunity to essentially become a power station operator. That opportunity, says Dr Adrian Panow, the Director of Deakin’s Energy Initiative, unearths a number of urgent questions ranging from the technical all the way to the ethical. They are questions cross-faculty researchers at Deakin University, now home to a sizeable microgrid, plan to interrogate.

Solar-decked Federally controlled airports could jet propel energy transition

Have we stopped using terms such as leadership, and decarbonisation goals in relation to the Australian Federal Government? A new RMIT study rattles the cage of the cowardly Canberran cabal.


New ACT big battery to pull off hydrogen, solar and VPP storage trifecta!

Elvin Group Renewables has constructed a 5 MWh Tesla Megapack to help ensure stability of energy supply in Canberra’s new northern suburbs and the wider grid. Its plans to proliferate the model are audacious.


PV-powered desalination system for water-poor, sun-rich rural areas

Italian start-up Genius Watter has developed a solar desalination solution that is claimed to be particularly suitable for remote areas with no connection to grid electricity. The system is able to produce up to 1,000 cubic meters of potable water per day at an opex of €0.20 per cubic meter.


Global database for PV system performance

The database brings together photovoltaic performance data and meteorological values from PV systems located in all climate zones. It is being built by an international consortium including the Fraunhofer Centre for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP, and the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.


Spotlight on Australian solar – what’s working, why, and where there’s room to grow

Company Solahart, which originated in Perth, has delivered a heartening snapshot of solar Australia. It found the country deploys renewable energy 10 times faster per capita than the global average, four times faster per capita than in Europe, China, Japan or the U.S.A. Solahart examined what motivates different demographics of Australians to install solar and which parts of the country are most suited to solar.

Tasmanian sheep farm installs flow battery-based microgrid system

Redflow’s Systems Integration Architect and largest shareholder has brought his work home, installing a 280kWh Redflow battery-based microgrid at his sheep farm in northwest Tasmania.

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