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Solar gazebo provides up to 4.3 kW of backyard generating capacity

Arka Energy’s new outdoor gazebo provides 2.4 kW to 4.3 kW of residential solar power via monocrystalline PERC solar tiles.

Maxeon raises $300 million for IBC module manufacturing expansion

Maxeon Solar Technologies, the producer of the Maxeon and SunPower solar module brands, is raising capital from a USD 157.4 million ($237 million) underwriting of shares and a separate USD 42 million ($63 million) private placement with TCL Zhonghuan.

Australia signs new climate and clean energy deal with US

Australia and the United States have signed a landmark agreement with the two nations vowing to work collaboratively towards accelerating and expanding clean energy supply chains, renewable energy technologies manufacturing, and critical minerals supply.

Qcells builds pilot line for perovskite-silicon tandem PV cells in South Korea

Qcells says it is building a pilot line for perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells that will start operations later this year in South Korea. It is working closely with its team in Germany, where it has already established another pilot line for tandem cells.

Utility-scale solar installation goes automated

Powered by installation robots, on-site assembly line and digital twin software, the Terabase automated power plant construction system aims to boost productivity and cut construction costs.


Why Australia needs friends (and a climate AUKUS) to reach its climate goals

AUKUS has been widely hailed as Australia’s largest-ever defence investment and the Quad as a new focus for defence strategy – but what do they mean for our energy landscape? SMA’s Joshua Birmingham argues it’s time to look beyond defence cost and grow our relationships to fight the climate change war.

US solar installers list Qcells, Enphase as top brands

An industry survey led by SolarReviews and NABCEP found two-thirds of solar installers expect high electricity prices to drive demand.


Swiss team sets record solar-to-hydrogen rate

Researchers from Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne have unveiled a new solar dish plant design, while Plug Power has delivered its first electrolyser system to Europe.

Solar assets are underperforming expectations by 8%, what is the root cause?

The Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC) raised the issue of ultraviolet-induced degradation of the trending technology in its PV Module Index 2022.

Researchers look beyond silicon to potentially double solar cell efficiency

A team at Colorado State University proposes making thin-film solar cells from naturally abundant molybdenum disulfide.

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