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sonnen earns Australian Made label

Almost a year after the opening of its assembly and manufacturing facility at the site of the old Holden factory, German battery manufacturer Sonnen can now officially say its products are made in the land of kangaroos.

Dr Shi: China would not be dominating the module market if it did not invest in quality control

Former Suntech President Shi Zhengrong says that China’s “solar cluster” has worked in an organized way to achieve both scale and product quality and performance. Known widely as Dr Shi, the true solar pioneer is attending next week’s All Energy ...
Markets & Policy

Zali Steggall to take Climate Change Bill to parliament

Warringah MP and defeater of Tony Abbott Zali Steggall is set to put a Climate Change Bill on the floor of parliament in early 2020 resembling the United Kingdom’s Climate Change Act. Such a bill from a cross-bench Independent might be the Parliamentar...

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pv magazine will be reporting live from All-Energy Australia

If you’re not able to get to Melbourne for All Energy this year, or you will be on site and want to keep in touch with everything that’s going on, pv magazine live is the place to be.


pv magazine live is a live blog channel that will feature all the latests news, announcements, gossips and images from the conference and trade show.


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Energy Storage

Technology Metals Australia receives grant for vanadium redox flow battery solutions

Technology Metals Australia has received a promising grant from the Australian Government for the development of its Gabanintha Vanadium Project. It is a small but sure sign of Vanadium’s strategic importance to the Australian economy when paired with ...

Vattenfall goes up in flames, Agoria claims their first BWSC title

After the leading car in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge caught fire and was forced to withdraw from the race on the final stretch, Belgian team Agoria surged ahead to the front.

QUT at the forefront of Australia’s hydrogen push

As the momentum is building behind hydrogen in Australia and abroad, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is leading the way in research and development with a range of initiatives on the ground.

Tesla’s all-electric ute verging on reality

Telsa CEO Elon Musk has continued to tease the upcoming November release of the company’s all-electric ute. In a tweet Musk suggested the design resembled an “armored personnel carrier”.

Banyule City Council doubles down on aims for carbon neutrality

In a single month Banyule City Council in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne has rattled off a Climate Action Package for net-zero emissions by 2028, declared a climate emergency and joined other local governments in a Solar Savers program.

Press Releases

Warrnambool in line for major economic development awards

Warrnambool City Council is a finalist in the 2019 Smart Cities Awards. Council has been recognised for its work on investigating hydrogen as a renewable energy source and establishing a relationship with the Swedish regional city of Mariestad, which is using hydrogen to power vehicles and heat buildings.

e-waste social enterprise wins Premier’s Sustainability Award

The Premier’s Recognition Award was won at last night’s Premier’s Sustainability Awards by Enable Social Enterprises for their work employing disadvantaged people in a successful e-waste business.

Risen Energy expands global footprint with 150 MW module order from Malaysian power station

Chinese solar panel maker Risen Energy Co. , Ltd.

Arctech Solar to partner with pv magazine for a live webinar on October 16

Arctech Solar, a leading solar tracking and racking system provider, will partner with pv magazine to present a webinar titled “Smart Tracker Design Enabled by Advanced Testing” on October 16th, 2019.

Opinion & Analysis


Safety is paramount

When Sony first commercially introduced lithium-ion batteries in 1991, the industry recognized their potential to revolutionize portable electronics. Ever since, there have been countless efforts to improve the technology, with many researchers focusing on energy density and longevity, in line with demand from emerging applications such as electric vehicles (EVs) and on-grid energy storage. Julian Jansen and Youmin Rong of IHS Markit discuss the effect of safety concerns on this rapidly growing global market.

On prices, technology and 2019 trends

A maturing PV market does not automatically deliver certainty in terms of technology roadmaps and industry dynamics. Crystalizing trends and anticipating developments is the business of analysts, so pv magazine assembled four of solar’s best to talk about prices, technology and market-defining policy developments.

Victorian solar rebate causes mayhem in the solar industry

The Victorian Labor Government announced in August last year a $1.3 billion “Solar Homes” package to assist homeowners in installing solar PV systems. The scheme will be offered to 770,000 Victorian households for the next 10 years and is in addition to the Federal STC ‘rebate’.

Vietnam’s 2019 commissioning rush

Vietnam had already successfully commissioned 1.5 GW of utility-scale PV at the end of May this year, and there is no sign of this slowing down, with another 2 GW teed up for June 2019. The breakneck speed in development is making Vietnam a powerhouse in the region in installed capacity, even nipping at the heels of Australia. Rystad Energy’s Minh Koi Le looks at the state of play in the Vietnamese solar market.

BHP to link executive compensation to reductions in emissions generated from the use of its products

Evaluating and reporting Scope 1-3 emissions is a landmark commitment, showing leadership towards the implementation of the Paris Agreement

Solar prices up 13% in Victoria in July 2019

The Solar Price Index for July 2019 as published monthly by Solar Choice noted a 13% rise in residential solar prices in Victoria following the re-opened rebate scheme being snapped up in the first 3 days.

Markets & Policy


Innovative agreement sees QLD water help carry solar to the grid

Pacific Hydro’s Haughton Solar Farm in Queensland has signed an innovative network support agreement with Stanwell Corporation (Stanwell), a QLD government-owned corporation and the largest electricity generator in the state.

AC Energy and UPC Solar form new JV for Asia Pacific

The joint venture company targets the construction of over 1 GW portfolio in the next few years, with an initial focus on India, South Korea and Taiwan.

Shoalhaven closes in on renewable energy target

Not just a haven for shoals, Shoalhaven is rapidly becoming a haven for solar PV too as the region pushes ahead to its renewable energy goals with a large rooftop installation on the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre.

Hydrogen powered mining trucks are coming

The building-sized trucks run on diesel and prompt logistical complications as large amounts of diesel must be shipped to remote mining sites. Attempts to decarbonize the mining sector will have to consider the heavy-duty vehicles.

Installation of one of Australia’s largest rooftop solar arrays underway

The first rows of solar panels have been laid on the roof of the Main Assembly Building at Tonsley Innovation District. The 2.34 MW solar array will ultimately work in conjunction with on-site battery storage and smart technologies as part of South Australia’s first district energy scheme.

REC to launch Alpha Series in Australia

The Norwegian solar manufacturer is planning to debut its Alpha Series heterojunction (HJT) modules at next week’s All-Energy event in Melbourne. Touted as the world’s highest power 60-cell solar panels, the new series promises over 20% more energy production than other modules with the same footprint and added value for home owners.



DuPont on the hunt for Aussie field survey partners

Over the last decade, materials giant DuPont has surveyed more than 2 GW of PV installations and analyzed a range of failure types and their causes. Hong-Jie Hu, DuPont’s solar technical and development lead in China, says that the company is looking for Australian partners for its Global Field Survey program – with a particular interest in hot and humid and desert environments.

Thor harnesses power of the sun

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth has used his experience harnessing electricity from the clouds to harness electricity from the sun with the installation of hundreds of solar panels on the rooftop of his $20 million Byron Bay mansion.

Lyon Group and China Huadian join forces in the war on curtailment

Solar infrastructure developer Lyon Group has strengthened its ties in the Asian markets through a significant joint-venture with two of Asia’s largest energy generators. The agreement will see integrated battery storage systems utilised to reduce the risk of curtailment and increase the flexibility of renewable energy plants.

“Massive” risk potential as EPCs cut corners on solar project components

A global supplier of electrical cabling for utility scale PV projects has warned that some Australian EPCs are not adopting international solar-industry norms on projects, potentially leading to “massive risk.” Swiss supplier Leoni reports that considering the vast scale of some solar projects in Australia that potential failures could be particularly costly.

New chapter for solar+agriculture: BIPV for off-grid greenhouses

A new partnership is seeking to build a world-first off-grid greenhouse which will use solar glass to maintain optimal temperature and regulate irrigation by condensation inside the facility.

90% increased biomass under solar panels: Agrivoltaics hold productive promise

With sun the common component of solar energy production and agriculture, a new company in northern NSW is set to combine the benefits of sowing PV and forage crops in the same soil.



Deakin researchers find ‘Holy Grail’ of PV module recycling

Researchers from Deakin's Institute for Frontier Materials claim to have solved the biggest problem that's preventing photovoltaic cells from being recycled.

AEMC proposes to overhaul energy pricing and transmission

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has released a discussion paper toward a blueprint for the coordination of generation and transmission investment. The draft proposal seeks to overhaul wholesale pricing and transmission access toward lowering electricity costs and the ever-increasing risks inherent in getting new renewable energy generation into the network.

A carbon scaffold to boost lithium-sulfur performance

Scientists at Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research have developed a new method to produce lithium-sulfur based cathodes which exhibit stable performance and high storage capacity over 200 cycles. According to the agency, this represents “a promising step towards the commercialization of lithium-sulfur batteries.”

Self-forecasting of renewable generation to improve solar farm economics

ARENA’s round of funding for renewable-energy forecasting technologies, initiated in early 2018, is coming to fruition, with wide-ranging benefits for solar farm earnings and the stability of a low- to no-carbon NEM. 

Old and new challenges at Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Following significant changes to the regulations, all participants in the upcoming Bridgestone World Solar Challenge will need to go an extra mile to reach one of only two recharging stops on their way from the Top End to Adelaide. Following final scrutineering to ensure the vehicles are built to the regulations, the UNSW Sunswift solar car team is feeling extra confident for the race in its upgraded four-seater VIolet.

Federal government launches $50 million microgrid funding program

Up to $20 million of grants will be awarded for microgrid feasibility studies across Australia through the first round of the Federal Government’s Regional and Remote Communities Reliability Fund. The fund aims to provide more secure, affordable and reliable power to regional communities and save “hundreds of millions of dollars” on network upgrades.


Q Cells launches fully integrated residential solar power system

South Korean solar module maker Hanwha Q Cells has launched Q.Home in Australia, its new integrated residential solar power system which has seen success in the European market.

New antenna for a better photon harvest

An Italian research team has developed a device that it says can easily be integrated into a PV cell, and can boost its efficiency by converting more light particles into a high energy state before they are absorbed by the cell. The scientists claim that their innovation could offer a green‐to‐blue photon upconversion yield as high as 15%.

Huawei facing another three SolarEdge lawsuits

Inverter manufacturer SolarEdge has filed three additional patent infringement lawsuits against its competitor, Huawei, in China. This comes after three similar legal actions against Huawei that had been undertaken by SolarEdge in Germany last summer. While Huawei has decided not to comment on the matter, the Chinese manufacturer revealed that it had filed three patent litigation claims against SolarEdge at a Chinese court this May.

Long read: PV perovskites hit the home stretch

Microquanta Semiconductor holds a 17.25% efficiency record for a relatively large-area perovskite module and wants to build a production facility with fresh capital from investors. pv magazine takes a look at the Chinese startup and some of the basic questions surrounding the technology.

Longi Solar’s gigawatt-scale goals place reliability, durability front and center

Chinese monocrystalline PV giant Longi entered the Australian marketplace a little over two years ago, and it hasn’t wasted a moment in aggressively pursuing both rooftop and large scale market share. Richard Qian, a Longi Australia product engineer, says its high efficiency modules present a compelling offering, underpinned by the company’s commitment to durability and reliability.

Moorebank rooftop solar installation one of Southern Hemisphere’s largest

A 3 MW LG powered solar panel installation on the rooftop of Moorebank Logistics Park in Sydney is one of the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, and indeed the world.

Energy Storage

New controversial standard for battery storage sector

Two years after scrapping a draft that threatened to effectively ban the installation of lithium-ion batteries in Australian homes and garages, a new standard for battery storage sector has been released. While billed as a necessary safety measure for consumers, the new standard may make business and installation more complex for the battery storage sector.

South Australia’s third big battery energized

Renewables developer Infigen has announced that the 25MW/52MWh Tesla battery at the Lake Bonney wind farm has been energised and registered with AEMO. The battery is expected to be fully commissioned by the year’s end.

“I said ‘Lord Howe!’” Iconic island to receive solar + battery storage installation

Lord Howe Island is set to finally receive a solution to its energy problems with the installation of a solar + battery storage system that will reduce its reliance on diesel fuel.

Do lead batteries have a role in the clean energy transition?

The Consortium for Battery Innovation has outlined research goals for advanced lead-based battery concepts, claiming the potential of the technology is “nowhere near fully exploited”. The group, comprised of lead-battery industry stakeholders, says such devices can play an important role alongside lithium-ion and other storage technologies in electric vehicles, renewable energy storage and other applications.

CSP innovator Vast Solar wins International Energy Award

Aussie company Vast Solar wins Technology Innovation Award at the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) SolarPACES 2019.

Siemens backs 5 GW solar and wind plans to produce green hydrogen

A massive green hydrogen production project has been unveiled for Western Australia with Siemens on board as technology partner. The project location is touted as Australia’s best for combined solar and wind generation potential.


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