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Australia and Germany tip $100 million into green hydrogen projects

An Australian cleantech company that claims its technology could enable hydrogen production of below $1.50 per kilogram by the middle of the decade is one of four green fuel projects to share in more than $100 million (USD 78 million) funding awarded as part of a collaboration between the Australian and German governments.
Energy Storage

RES plans 600 MWh big battery as coal-fired plants exit system

UK-based developer Renewable Energy Systems Group is planning to build a 250 MW/600 MWh battery energy storage system in the New South Wales Hunter region that is says would provide critical grid services and support Australia’s renewable energy transi...

Renewable energy generation hits record levels in Australia

Renewable energy generation provided a record high proportion of Australia’s electricity mix in the final three months of 2022, supplying on average more than 40% of power in the nation’s main grid, eclipsing the previous record of 35.8% set in the s...

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Kicking off the heterojunction era

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Responsible solar: enabling true supply chain transparency through comprehensive due diligence

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DroneBase’s North American Solar Scan brings transparency to U.S. solar market

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Markets & Policy

Second-life batteries might beat new ones on solar LCOE in remote locations

UK scientists have discovered that second-life batteries could provide a lower levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) than conventional batteries in school buildings equipped with PV in East African schools. They said the cheapest system configuration uses...
Markets & Policy

Indonesian utility kicks off tender for 100 MW floating solar plant

PT PLN Nusantara Power has launched a tender for a floating PV project that will likely be built at a dam on the island of Java, Indonesia.
Markets & Policy

Weekend read: Shining a light on supply chains

The drivers for PV supply-chain traceability could rub against a solar industry enjoying a true seller’s market, with demand outstripping supply. However, supply-chain auditing services are gaining support in increasingly regulated environments. pv ...
Markets & Policy

4.3 GW of generation and storage makes shortlist in NSW renewables auction

Sixteen projects representing more than 4.3 GW of large-scale generation and long-duration storage have been shortlisted as part of the first of a rolling schedule of competitive tenders designed to ensure New South Wales’ successful transition from co...
Energy Storage

Evergen to test DER optimisation technology in Japanese setting

Australian energy software provider Evergen will take its solar and battery optimisation technology to Japan after teaming with Japanese companies Sharing Energy and Sassor on a pilot project to explore how to best commercialise distributed energy resour...

Press Releases

Carnegie and Hewlett Packard Enterprise extend collaboration agreement on developing wave energy technologies

Carnegie Clean Energy (ASX: CCE) is pleased to announce that it has extended its Collaboration Agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE), which is among the largest multinational Information technology firms globally and ranks within Fortune’s top 150 of the largest U. S.

Ampol partners with SEA Electric to charge Australia’s future commercial fleets

In an industry first, Ampol has partnered with Australian commercial electric vehicle manufacturer SEA Electric to support the transition of companies to zero-emissions commercial electric vehicle technology.

Work underway on new Cairns to Townsville Queensland SuperGrid link

Construction work is underway on building a brand new 275kV Queensland SuperGrid Link between Cairns and Townsville as part of the Palaszczuk Government’s Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan.

Australia pledges gender equality for clean energy sector

Australia has formalised its commitment to gender equality in the clean energy transition by signing up to the equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunity objectives of the global Equal by 30 campaign.

Opinion & Analysis


Let buyers jump queue for EVs by importing them directly

If Australia is to decarbonise our energy system by 2050, we need to start the transition to electric vehicles very soon. Cars sold in the 2030s will mostly still be on the road in 2050, so we have to make sure most of them are electric. But electric cars (including plug-in hybrids) currently account for only 3.5% of new car sales in Australia.

$30 billion Sun Cable crash is a setback but doesn’t spell end of Australia’s renewable energy export dreams

Sun Cable – considered to be the world’s biggest renewable energy export project – announced on Wednesday it had entered voluntary administration following “the absence of alignment” with shareholders.

How closely monitoring households’ energy data can unleash solar outputs and (possibly) make them more money

Almost one in three Australian households have solar panels on their roofs. Most are motivated by rising electricity prices and environmental concerns. Households are paid a so-called feed-in tariff for surplus energy they export to the grid.

For Australia to lead the way on green hydrogen, first we must find enough water

Australia is well-positioned to be a global leader in green hydrogen production. Green hydrogen is produced using a renewable power source such as solar or wind. As a substitute for fossil fuels, it will help to meet growing renewable energy needs.

How common are islandings and transmission tower failures in the NEM?

The catchphrase ‘there’s no transition without transmission’ seems to get thrown around more and more. Much of the discussion that follows centres around increasing capacity to allow for more wind and solar farms. But perhaps less discussed, is the emerging challenges that face the existing transmission network in ensuring system security

The questions still holding back broader EV adoption in Australia

Des Hang on the three main doubts that still linger around Australia’s burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) industry.



Freight costs edge toward 4% of solar module costs, near pre-pandemic levels

Freight costs fell for the 39th straight week to account for roughly 4% of solar module costs – close to pre-pandemic levels. PV consultant Asier Ukar tells pv magazine that this trend will likely continue over the short term.

Forced labour concerns prompt U.S. ports to block over 1,000 shipments of solar components

Panel shipments collectively worth hundreds of millions of dollars are blocked from entering the United States market as they have failed scrutiny under the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, said Reuters.

Elevated shipping costs to remain challenge for solar sector

Australia’s solar industry can expect to contend with elevated shipping costs and ongoing supply disruptions for at least another year before a ‘normalisation’ of the global ocean freight system.

‘Falling solar module costs are behind us’

Canadian Solar is pivoting towards energy storage and is preparing to IPO its manufacturing and Chinese solar project activity in China, under the CSI Solar operation, by July.

What can President-Elect Biden get done on energy in his first 100 days?

Biden has made a long list of promises and commitments to the environment and future of clean energy if elected. Which of these promises could we see immediate action on and which are years down the line?

VIC solar industry braces for post-lockdown release of pent-up demand

As Victorians fly out of lockdown and into the thick of summer the solar industry is preparing for the release of pent-up demand for solar which was hungered for during lockdown but went unsatisfied. pv magazine Australia sat down with AC Solar Warehouse’s Grant Behrendorff to gauge the backlog of installations and talk shop in the approach to a bumper summer.

Markets & Policy

Storing renewables via regenerative braking in underground mines

Scientists in Austria have developed a long-term energy storage system that uses regenerative braking to adjust the descent speed of sand in mine shafts and generate electricity.

Queensland to build $75m vanadium, rare earth processing facility for burgeoning battery industries

The Queensland government will invest $75 million (USD 53 million) to expand a critical minerals demonstration facility in Townsville – a project it claims will be an Australian first. The facility, slated for operations in 2025, is part of a growing push in Australia to develop battery materials industries beyond simply mining.

Key takeaways from Abu Dhabi’s World Future Energy Summit

The World Future Energy Summit showed that Middle Eastern solar markets are still driven by utility-scale PV, although the C&I sector shows signs of growth. Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are the most promising markets for big solar projects, with huge pipelines under development, while Lebanon and Yemen show promise due to chronic energy shortages.

Solaray Energy acquired as part of German startup’s $100 million Australian growth strategy

A German startup led by European heavyweights and backed by major institutional capital continues its aggressive acquisitions strategy in Australia, taking a majority stake in Solaray Energy – its second major APAC buy following Natural Solar. Company 1Komma5 is seeking to consolidate Australia’s residential solar sector to become the largest provider of home renewable technologies, devoting $100 million (USD 70m) to “strategically” acquire a number of businesses here within the year.

SolarEdge inverters first to ‘natively’ comply with SA’s flexible export program

Inverter and battery manufacturer SolarEdge has become the first vendor to meet, via native inbuilt software, the upcoming requirement in South Australia for “flexible exports” from residential solar systems. From July, the South Australian government will require new rooftop systems be fitted with software that allows SA Power Networks to dynamically control solar exports.

Queensland flow battery maker integrates products with Chinese inverters

Queensland zinc-bromine flow battery maker, Redflow, has announced its batteries have successfully been integrated with Chinese brand Deye’s hybrid inverters. Redflow says the integration “provides a range of new capabilities previously unavailable to the Australian market.”



Perovskite PV tipped to become competitive in rooftop segment

Scientists from Australia are among an international team of researchers that predict lightweight, high-performance perovskite solar modules could soon become competitive with crystalline PV modules in the residential segment, as such products will likely have lower manufacturing and balance-of-system costs in the future.

New digital solar tool launches promising to save customers from aggressive sales tactics

Australian climate tech platform Acacia will launch a new solar feature enabling customers to get a digital solar quote, as well as estimated financial and carbon savings, without speaking to any sales people. The company says the tool is in response to what are often poor buying experiences in the solar sector.

Construction begins on 93 MW Victorian solar farm as owner plans first hybrid venture

Construction has now begun on the 93 MW Girgarre Solar Farm in central Victoria, about 70 kilometres west of Shepparton. The project has been in development for at least five years, and was initiated by Leeson Group’s founder and director, Peter Leeson, before being sold to Enel Green Power in 2019.

Adapting agrivoltaics to different climates, crops

An international consortium led by Italy’s Eurac Research launched the Symbiosyst project to adapt PV modules, mounting structures, and maintenance technologies to the needs of various crops in agrivoltaic installations in different climates.

QCells unveils updated module for rooftop market

Hanwha Qcells has launched the latest generation of its Q.MAXX solar panel series for the Australian residential market, stating the power class has been increased by up to 15 Wp compared to previous iterations.

Administrators move swiftly to settle future of Sun Cable

Two of Australia’s richest people are expected to be rivals in the bidding process for Sun Cable, the developer of what would be the world’s biggest intercontinental solar and energy storage project, with administrators indicating the sale process could be completed within three months.


Scientists unveil dirt-repellent coating for solar panels

Researchers from Germany’s Fraunhofer FEP have unveiled a dirt-repellent coating for solar panels. The material is reportedly able to acquire superhydrophilic properties at night and wash away accumulated dirt with the aid of beads of moisture.

Scientists source silicon from solar waste to build better batteries

Researchers from Victoria’s Deakin University say they have successfully tested a new process that can safely and effectively extract silicon from end-of-life solar panels, then convert it into a nano material worth more than $45,000 (USD 31,500) per kilogram that can be used to build better batteries.

Saltwater flow battery for large-scale storage unveiled from US startup

US-based Salgenx has developed a scalable redox flow battery with two separate tanks of electrolytes, one of which is saltwater. Unlike other flow batteries, the new device is membrane-free, promising big gains at the levelised cost of storage level.

New method to measure energy yield of bifacial PV systems

Canadian scientists have developed a new way to measure the energy yield of bifacial PV systems. They said they considered the spectral albedo of ground cover like snow and sand to predict energy gains of up to 2%, in comparison with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard.

Educational events for engineers upskilling for hydrogen industry begin in Victoria

An educational event series aimed at upskilling engineers to enter the hydrogen industry is launching in February in Melbourne. The Hydrogen Industry Technical Series 2023 is being organised by the Victorian divisions of the Australian Institute of Energy and Engineers Australia.

Vertical agrivoltaic pilots in France find improved yields and less water stress

French energy giant TotalEnergies studied the impact of solar panels on crops in order to develop a repository of agronomic benefits. The initial results show an increase in agricultural yields on field crops and a reduction in water stress.



New residential battery inverter solution from China

Esysunhome (ESYSH), a new energy storage company in China, has developed a 5.12 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery system with a 7.9 kW inverter. It says six modules can be combined for up to 30.72 kWh of energy storage capacity.

JA Solar to build new vertically integrated solar factory in China

JA Solar says it will build a new manufacturing facility in Inner Mongolia, China. The plant will produce everything from polysilicon to solar panels.

U.S. startup unveils portable solid-state lithium-ion battery for residential use

California-based Yoshino Technology has developed portable batteries using solid-state Li-NCM cell technology. The four variants come with power outputs of 330 W, 660 W, 2,000 W, and 4,000 W.

Nextracker to go public

Singapore-based electronics giant Flex announced that its subsidiary, Nextracker, has publicly filed a registration statement for an initial public offering.

New modular solar solution counts on ‘slide-together’ system to cut costs

Aspiring modular solar array manufacturer Green Energy Systems has unveiled a new Australian-made prefabricated modular PV solution for large-scale applications that it says offers significant cost reductions by eliminating all stainless-steel nuts, bolts and other traditional fitments in favour of a slide-together aluminium junction system.

Longi plans new 100 GW wafer plant, 50 GW solar cell factory in China

Longi Solar said it will invest CNY 42.5 billion ($9.4 billion) in 100 GW of wafer capacity and 50 GW of solar cell capacity in Shaanxi province, China.

Energy Storage


Risen reveals big battery plans for regional NSW

In pursuit of its Australian target of developing 3 GW and delivering 1 GW of renewable projects by 2027, China-headquartered PV module manufacturer and project developer Risen Energy has unveiled plans to develop a 100 MW/400 MWh battery in regional New South Wales.

AGL pushes ahead with demolition plans for coal-fired power plant

Australian energy giant AGL is advancing its exit from coal with Delta Group awarded the contract to demolish the Liddell Power Station as the site is prepared for transformation into a clean energy hub dominated by a 500 MW/2 GWh grid-connected battery energy storage system.

South Australia gives vehicle-to-grid technology green light

South Australia has become the first jurisdiction in Australia to approve network connection of vehicle-to-grid technology in a residential setting, providing electric vehicle owners with the opportunity to send energy stored in their car’s on-board battery back into their own homes or the electricity grid.

Australian lithium miners lead way in battery minerals supply chain

With global demand for new energy storage soaring and nations and companies racing to secure battery metals supply chains, a series of major investments in Australia and Australian lithium mining companies is expected to accelerate the nation’s transformation into a critical minerals powerhouse.

Lithium-ion battery cell gigafactory coming to Geelong as US-Australia ties deepen

Geelong is set to become home to a $300 million (USD 210 million) lithium-ion battery gigafactory. Recharge Industries, part of a portfolio from US fund Scale Facilitation, is aiming to start construction by the end of the year, targeting 2 GWh of production annually in 2024 and 6 GWh by 2026. The company is reportedly aiming to produce batteries without using Chinese materials, and appears to be part of a deepening supply chain play between Australia and the US.

Brisbane battery casing startup with ‘tremendous potential’ lands support from ReNu

Queensland-based ReNu Energy will acquire up to a 20% stake in fellow Brisbane company, startup Vaulta, which has developed battery casings designed for reuse and recycling. Vaulta will use the eventual $1 million (USD 700,000) investment from ReNu to scale its manufacturing capability and expand domestic and offshore sales.

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