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Pre-assembled concept proposed for 10 GW Northern Territory PV project

Singapore-based proponent Sun Cable is eyeing up what would be the world's biggest solar project by a large margin. The NT government is on board with the plans, while the environmental approval application is still in the works. Project plans include the deployment of the 5B pre-assembled array concept.
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Details emerge on audits planned for VIC Solar Homes program

After encountering some problems in the first round of the Victorian Government’s Solar Homes program, round twois set to be backed up by more stringent auditing program. Exactly what this entails is becoming more clear.
Energy Storage

The NSW Government’s Empowering Homes program set for summer go-ahead

The new NSW Berejiklian Governmenthas followed through on the pre-election promisefor interest-free loans for battery and solar-battery systems, with installations expected to begin this summer 2019/2020.



Genex Power release massive single tranche of shares to raise equity for Jemalong Solar Project

After requesting a trading halt with the ASX on their securities, Genex Power Limited (‘GNZ’) has announced a single tranche placement of approximately $16.2 million via the issue of 67, 482, 878 shares, in order to fund the equity requirements for t...
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GreenSync to deliver digital marketplace for DER in UK

The Melbourne-based energy tech company will deploy its digital platform to connect and coordinate 500 MW of distributed energy resources across the network area of UK Power Networks.

Roth: Huawei exits U.S. solar inverter market

Roth Capital Partners reports that the inverter maker ceased U.S. sales last Friday, laying off all of its U.S. citizen staff, amid rising tensions between the Trump Administration and China.

Queensland government loses appeal, contentious solar installation regulation remains invaild

Queensland’s Court of Appeal has dismissed the government's application to enforce regulation requiring licensed electrical workers to mount and fix unplugged solar panels.
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NSW readies to launch interest-free solar battery loan program

The Berejiklian government is gearing up to deliver on its election pledge and roll out interest-free loans for home battery systems. The program holds the promise to help up to 300,000 households save hundreds of dollars on their power bills.

Press Releases

Network Opportunity Maps updated

Energy Networks Australia, in partnership with the University of Technology Sydney, has released the 2019 update of the Network Opportunity Maps for distribution businesses based on December 2018 Distribution Annual Planning Reports (transmission data is unchanged, from June 2018 Transmission Annual Planning Reports). These are interactive investment and constraint maps, which identify the most valuable locations to invest in renewable energy and demand management.

Smart Energy delegation amazed by China

Less than a month ago, we took an Australian and New Zealand Smart Energy Delegation on an extraordinary journey to understand China’s smart energy revolution.

Lithium Australia increases equity in Envirostream

HIGHLIGHTS • Lithium Australia extends its interest in Envirostream to 11. 76% • Envirostream Australia Pty Ltd commences plant expansion • Partnership to lead in best environmental practices Completion of Tranche 2

DuPont issues 2019 global PV reliability study

New Report Surveys 6. 5M modules, 355 Installations and 1.

Opinion & Analysis


The sun rises on the bifacial module market

With market penetration exceeding expectations in 2018, bifacial technology is set to account for one third of global solar module production by 2022, writes Edurne Zoco, Research Director at IHS Markit. Bifacial and half-cell technologies are rapidly gaining momentum due to their improvements in power output, along with their low implementation barriers and minimal capex requirements.

An overview of the world’s largest solar parks

In the second of a series of four blogs, solar pioneer Philip Wolfe lists the world’s largest solar parks. In these articles, a ‘solar park’ is defined as a group of co-located solar power plants.

A guide to the world’s largest solar power stations

In the first of a short series of blogs, solar energy pioneer Philip Wolfe highlights the differences between solar farms, solar parks and clusters, in order to identify the world’s largest solar power stations.

How corporates are leading the 100 percent renewable energy transition

An historic new report from Energy Watch shows that we can reach 100% renewable energy in just a few decades, and it’s affordable; making this the clear answer to tackling climate change.

Important takeaways from ABC’s 7.30 Report: Safety in Australia’s solar industry

The ABC current affairs show, 7.30, aired a segment on the safety standards in the Australian solar industry on Monday May 27. The program reported on the potentially tens of thousands of badly installed and unsafe solar systems on rooftops.

Is home battery storage a case of first in, worst dressed?

The world of electricity is unrelenting and confusing; from a multitude of energy plans to deciding on which solar system to install. The fast emerging home battery market now introduces another opportunity for homeowners to save thousands. However, not all battery systems are equal – and not all homes are suited to installing a home battery. The wrong home battery advice can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in unnecessary equipment.

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4 GW Walcha project moves forward, massive solar+battery component seeks approval

Walcha Energy – a joint venture between Australian developers Energy Estate and Mirus Wind – has lodged the scoping report with the NSW planning authorities for a 700 MW solar farm, a 100MW/150MWh battery and its plans for a renewable energy hub at Uralla.

Australia’s massive contribution to global PV, battery uptake blemished by grid woes

Last year, Australia shattered all records in terms of investment in renewables and capacity additions, but a range of concerns for solar PV developers, including network constraints, delays and grid connection issues, are looming over the nation’s clean energy sector, according to an annual overview drafted by global policy network REN21.

BHP, Mitsubishi Development pledge to reduce emissions from coal operations

Australian mining giant BHP and its strategic partner Mitsubishi Development, the holding company of Mitsubishi’s coal investments in Australia, have pledged to pursue emissions reductions, including from the life-cycle use of marketed products.

Think-tank eyes up 10 GW sustainable future for Northern Territory

A new report raises awareness of the potential jobs and revenue opportunities for Territorians in a zero-carbon economy. The 10 GW Vision relies largely on solar PV.

India and Australia could strike first lithium deal

Mining company Neometals and Manikaran Power have started a jointly funded study into the feasibility of establishing India’s first lithium refinery, which would process ore from the Mount Marion mine in Western Australia.

Longi to spend $349m on new 5 GW module fab in Taizhou

The world’s number one mono silicon module manufacturer will add another 5 GW to its annual panel production capacity in 2020 as it pursues 16 GW of output this year and 25 GW next year.


Flagship megawatt-scale community solar farm achieves final funding to break ground in August

Canberra will soon be home to the biggest community-funded solar farm in Australia, thanks to final investment by CWP Renewables.

Jinko supplied 351 MW plant in Vietnam

The Chinese manufacturer revealed it had supplied the modules to one of the largest PV facilities in the APAC region outside its homeland.

Horizon Power beefs up hosting capacity to accommodate more solar

More regional Western Australians will have the opportunity to install rooftop solar panels on their premises with 10 MW of additional renewable energy generation released on Horizon Power microgrids.

ReNu Energy enters HOA for four more shopping centre arrays

In an ASX announcement today, Queensland-based independent power producer ReNu Energyannounced that it has entered into a Heads of Agreement (HOA) with Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group (SCA Property Group) for a further four solar PV and embedded network projects at shopping centres in Queensland and Victoria.

Santos petrol processing plant now powered by solar PV, thanks to AGL

AGL has completed a 2.12 MW ground-mounted solar PV system at Santos’ Port Bonython hydrocarbon processing plant in Whyalla, South Australia. The installation represents a step in the right direction for Santos’ emissions reduction program.

Oz Minerals embarking on collaborative search for renewable solutions in mining

Copper miner Oz Minerals has announced the launch of a new energy & mining collaboration (EMC), with six other companies, institutions and ministries, to seek out innovative ways to develop and incorporate renewable energy and demand management into mine sites.



Long read: UNSW enabling terawatts of solar power

The influence of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) School of Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Engineering spreads over the horizon like rays of sunlight through a coal haze. Its researchers are confidently working towards the time when terawatts of solar PV power people’s aspirations from Uttar Pradesh to Perth and Pennsylvania.

Western Australian mines to be powered with solar, wind and batteries

Two Western Australian mines will be powered by renewable energy hybrid microgrids echoing a global shift away from fossil fuels in the mining sector.

AGL’s new virtual power plant to cover four states

On the back of a successful trial in South Australia, AGL is expanding its virtual power plant to other states. Under the program, customers will be able to save up to $280 a year on their electricity bills and be offered an upfront payment of $1,000 towards the cost of their battery.

Interview: Tracking loads, allocating solar power, optimising payoffs with Allume Energy

Matching solar supply and energy consumption within a household or business can deliver powerful energy savings. When extended over multi-dwelling properties, like apartment buildings or retirement communities, the benefits are multiple, says Cameron Knox co-founder and CEO of Allume Energy. 

UNSW to step up sustainability efforts with more solar

UNSW Sydney will start procuring all of its electricity from a NSW solar farm by next year and gradually expand onsite solar energy generation by 2022, as well as improve energy and water efficiency to reduce its environmental footprint.

JinkoSolar records 469.3 W monocrystalline module

JinkoSolar today announced that it has set a new efficiency record for a monocrystalline PERC PV cell at 24.38%, and produced a module that achieved 469.3 W power in testing conducted by TÜV Rheinland. The Chinese module manufacturer also equalled a record claimed just last week by Trina Solar, of 24.58% conversion efficiency for an n-type monocrystalline cell.



Bifacial beats Trump’s tariffs

Federal trade authorities have ruled that bifacial solar modules are no longer subject to the Section 201 ruling, which currently apply a 25% tariff to most solar modules imported to the United States.

Jinko and REC petition for review of Hanwha patent concerned in US lawsuit

In the petition, the manufacturers claim their Korean rival’s patent assertions should be declared invalid as there is evidence the innovations they refer to were either not new or were obvious steps forward.

New global sustainability standard for solar modules in the works

Dustin Mulvaney is a solar industry veteran. Associate professor at the Department of Environmental Studies, San José State University, in the United States, he recently published a new book this April, Solar Power, Innovation, Sustainability, Environmental Justice, which looks at creating a “more sustainable and just solar industry for the future.” A part of this is the creation of a new global sustainability module standard. He spoke with pv magazine as part of the launch of our new UP initiative.

PV leads the way as renewables threaten coal-fired power

With clean energy being generated at lower and lower prices around the world, solar power is playing a leading role in bringing the curtain down on coal, and will help the decarbonization of transport and space heating too.

Protectionist measures working as Chinese export destinations shift

While the world’s biggest solar manufacturers are confident there are plenty of alternative markets for a rising volume of panel exports, the message spelled out by first-quarter shipment figures is that protectionism works.

Europe bets on perovskite

Europe’s most important scientific research institutes have joined forces to make perovskite solar applications more than just a dream. The European Perovskite Initiative consortium is planning to draw up a perovskite white paper.

Energy Storage


There’s a looming waste crisis from Australia’s solar energy boom

As Australians seek to control rising energy costs and tackle the damaging impacts of climate change, rooftop solar has boomed. To manage the variability of rooftop solar – broadly, the “no power at night” problem – we will also see a rapid increase in battery storage.

Australia’s largest battery retrofitted to solar farm officially opens

The 25 MW / 50 MWh Tesla battery collocated with the 60 MW Gannawarra Solar Farm has been officially opened.

Renewables still setting strong pace in South Australia

The April shelving of a major solar thermal plant has done little to slow the pace of renewable energy projects being proposed in South Australia.

LG Chem partners with Envirostream for battery recycling in Australia

The South Korean battery manufacturer has joined forces with Victorian recycler Envirostream to develop processing solutions and reduce battery waste stream in Australia.

Fire protection guidelines catch up with C&I renewable energy storage systems

As commercial operations begin to more routinely factor battery storage into their solar-energy-powered plans, insurance companies are assessing the accompanying fire risks. One such company has publicly released its guidance for property protection.

J-Power to buy stake in Genex Power

Japan’s J-Power will invest up to $25 million in the Sydney-based publicly listed renewables developer. The investment will underpin the construction of Genex’s landmark pumped hydro project in northern Queensland.


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