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Portable system uses PV to produce drinkable water from air moisture

UK scientists have developed Solar2Water, a system that generates twice the amount of water as conventional atmospheric water generators. The system operates efficiently with the same energy input, regardless of air humidity, relying solely on photovoltaics.

IRA poses ‘real risk’ for Australia in global green hydrogen race

With less than 60 days remaining until the next raft of clean energy incentives outlined in the United States’ Inflation Reduction Act take effect, former Reserve Bank of Australia deputy governor Guy Debelle has warned the legislation poses a “mater...

Japanese gas giant to lead Darwin ‘clean’ hydrogen study

Japanese oil and gas giant Inpex has been jointly awarded a $1 million (USD 670,000) grant by the Australian government to conduct a feasibility study into the growth potential of a ‘clean’ hydrogen market in the Northern Territory.

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Grid-forming inverters: What advanced grid functionalities should inverters offer?

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TOPCon : dominant plus que jamais

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Approaching bankability for grid-scale energy storage

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Weather parameters and their effects on PV performance

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Novonix does $45 million deal with LG Energy Solution

Brisbane-based battery materials and technology company Novonix has sealed a $45 million (USD 30 million) deal with South Korean battery manufacturer LG Energy Solution that is complemented by an agreement between the two parties to jointly work toward d...
Markets & Policy

Philippines publishes list of qualified bidders for 11.6 GW renewables auction

The government of the Philippines is set to hold the country’s second renewables auction on June 19.

Cambodia to scrap rooftop PV capacity charge, introduce new tariffs

Cambodia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy has published a document outlining principles to permit the use of rooftop PV. The new policy replaces a monthly capacity fee for rooftop systems, with a tariff calculated based on an intricate formula.
Markets & Policy

Brookfield flags $30 billion investment, ‘public benefits’ of Origin decarbonisation to ACCC

The Brookfield consortium looking to acquire Origin Energy has lodged its merger application with the ACCC, arguing the takeover is in the national interest since it will accelerate Australia’s decarbonisation. The application also flags investment fig...

Melbourne factory installs 1.45 MW rooftop solar system

Building materials company Etex Australia has installed a 1.45 MW rooftop system on its factory in Altona in southwest Melbourne.

Press Releases

Victoria launches transmission infrastructure framework

The Victorian government has launched the Victorian Transmission Investment Framework (VTIF) – which will ensure environmental, land-use, cultural and social factors are considered early in the process to inform locations for new transmission projects

SMEC contract with FFI to deliver future engineering

Global engineering firm SMEC and Fortescue Future Industries have announced the establishment of an Engineering Partnership Agreement.

JinkoSolar announces new 56 GW n-type vertically-integrated, zero carbon gigafactories in Shanxi

Taiyuan, Shanxi will soon be home to a new JinkoSolar’s Gigafactory. Once it is completed, it will be the world’s biggest n-type vertically integrated production park to date with 56 GW capacity of ingot, 56 GW of n-type wafers, 56 GW of n-type cells, and 56 GW of n-type modules.

Woolworths accelerates towards 100% EV home delivery fleet

In a first for an Australian supermarket, Woolworths Group has announced its aim to make all its home delivery trucks 100% electric-powered by 2030, which will see more than 1,000 electric vehicles added to the nation’s roads.

Opinion & Analysis


VNI West Project could delay the retirement of coal generators

Analysis conducted by Cornwall Insight Australia reveals that certain coal plants in New South Wales may benefit from delaying their retirement, following the release of new plans for the VNI West transmission project.

Using electric water heaters to store renewable energy could do the work of 2 million home batteries

Australia’s energy transition is well under way. Some 3 million households have rooftop solar and sales of medium-sized electric cars are surging. But as we work towards fully electric households powered by renewable energy, have we overlooked a key enabling technology, the humble electric water heater?

Community batteries are popular – but we have to make sure they actually help share power

To power Australia without fossil fuels will mean using batteries to store power from solar and wind. We often think this means home batteries – or large grid-scale installations.

Why reform to Australia’s transmission regulations is urgent

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has renewed its calls for a fast-tracking of new transmission links, saying that parts of the country’s main grid are effectively in gridlock and causing unprecedented amounts of wind and solar to be curtailed.

Why Australia needs friends (and a climate AUKUS) to reach its climate goals

AUKUS has been widely hailed as Australia’s largest-ever defence investment and the Quad as a new focus for defence strategy – but what do they mean for our energy landscape? SMA’s Joshua Birmingham argues it’s time to look beyond defence cost and grow our relationships to fight the climate change war.

Green hydrogen funding a step forward – but a step doesn’t win race

It sounds like a lot. Kickstarting green hydrogen in Australia with $2 billion (USD 1.35 billion) to subsidise early production and making the energy-dense gas competitive. A goal of up to a gigawatt of electrolyser capacity within seven years.



Freight costs edge toward 4% of solar module costs, near pre-pandemic levels

Freight costs fell for the 39th straight week to account for roughly 4% of solar module costs – close to pre-pandemic levels. PV consultant Asier Ukar tells pv magazine that this trend will likely continue over the short term.

Forced labour concerns prompt U.S. ports to block over 1,000 shipments of solar components

Panel shipments collectively worth hundreds of millions of dollars are blocked from entering the United States market as they have failed scrutiny under the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, said Reuters.

What can President-Elect Biden get done on energy in his first 100 days?

Biden has made a long list of promises and commitments to the environment and future of clean energy if elected. Which of these promises could we see immediate action on and which are years down the line?

VIC solar industry braces for post-lockdown release of pent-up demand

As Victorians fly out of lockdown and into the thick of summer the solar industry is preparing for the release of pent-up demand for solar which was hungered for during lockdown but went unsatisfied. pv magazine Australia sat down with AC Solar Warehouse’s Grant Behrendorff to gauge the backlog of installations and talk shop in the approach to a bumper summer.

Spanish tracker giant STI Norland expands to Australia with a keenness to compete

Spanish tracker giant STI Norland has expanded to Australia with a new subsidiary office in Melbourne. The company is arriving on our shores with a keenness to compete with tracker suppliers who already have their foot in the door. With no solar farm too big or too small, STI Norland Australia CEO Alan Atchison sat down with pv magazine Australia to talk about how the company plans to make tracks Down Under.

Molong Solar Farm nolonger in development, successfully energised 

GRS has passed the 550 MW mark in its Australian portfolio with the energisation of its 39 MW Molong Solar Farm in Central West New South Wales. The project is now on the verge of grid connection tests and thereby closing in on full-fledged generation.

Markets & Policy


Saltwater redox flow battery with integrated ultracapacitor

US-based Salgenx says it has successfully integrated ultracapacitors with its saltwater redox flow batteries, resulting in significantly better power response and system performance.

Brisbane company unveils 100 kW hydrogen battery using CSIRO tech

Queensland hydrogen battery startup Endua has installed its first 100kW standalone hydrogen power bank in south Brisbane. The news come weeks after the company raised $11.8 million (USD 7.81 million) to scale the technology.

Hitachi battery replaces diesel generators on Victoria’s Phillip Island

Phillip Island off Victoria’s southern coast has switched on a 5 MW/10 MWh lithium-ion phosphate battery to support the island’s grid during peak tourism periods.

Global solar additions to hit 310 GW in 2024, says IEA

The International Energy Agency (IEA) said in a new report that solar will remain the main source of global renewable capacity expansion in 2023, accounting for 286 GW. In 2024, the figure is set to grow to almost 310 GW, driven by lower module prices, greater uptake of distributed PV systems, and a policy push for large-scale deployment.

Hybridising gravity energy storage with batteries, supercapacitors

Developed by Chinese researchers, the novel hybrid storage technology may achieve an efficiency of over 80% and be applied in distribution and transmission grids. The proposed combination is reportedly able to offer the advantages of gravity energy storage and power-based storage systems in a single solution.

Tasmania site secured for 240 MW green hydrogen project

Australian hydrogen developer Abel Energy and Spanish energy group Iberdrola are pushing ahead with plans to deliver a 240 MW green hydrogen and green methanol production facility in Tasmania, inking a deal to secure a site for the $1.2 billion (USD 79 million) project.



Octopus plans giant Queensland energy park with 400 MWh battery, 175 MW solar acquisition

Octopus Australia has acquired a 175 MW solar and 400 MWh battery project in Queensland’s Western Downs region. It plans to integrate these assets with its newly commissioned 180 MW Dulacca Wind Farm to create one of Australia’s largest multi-technology renewable energy parks.

2.4 MW solar carpark switched on in Melbourne, first stage in 10 MW rooftop install

Melbourne Market Authority has switched on a 2.4 MW solar carpark at its facility in North Melbourne. It is the first in a three stage project, which will eventually result in a 10 MW rooftop system.

Queensland looks to legislate 80% renewable energy by 2035

Queensland has laid out an ambitious vision for the state’s energy future, releasing draft legislation that calls for an additional 22 GW of new wind and solar projects by 2035, supported by at least 12 GW of storage, firming and dispatchable technologies including grid-scale batteries and pumped hydro storage.

AGL eyes solar panel ‘remanufacture’ facility for Victoria site

Australian energy major AGL is pushing ahead with plans to transform its Loy Yang power station site in Victoria into a clean energy industrial hub, announcing it has signed a deal with Solar Recovery Corporation to explore the feasibility of establishing a PV panel recycling facility at the site.

Solar leads way with renewables on course to shatter deployment records

Large-scale and rooftop solar installations are expected to contribute a record 286 GW of new generation capacity this year with renewable energy on course to shatter global deployment records in 2023.

Investment pipeline cause for concern as clean energy construction climbs

Construction of eight large-scale renewable energy generation and storage projects with a combined capacity of more than 1 GW commenced in Australia in the first quarter of 2023 but the Clean Energy Council has warned the project pipeline is drying up as “headwinds” increase.



US researchers beam solar from space

Caltech’s space solar program began in 2011 when philanthropist Donald Bren donated more than USD 100 million ($150 million) in support of the project. In the first demonstration of solar energy beamed to earth, his vision is now becoming reality.

Researchers identify 14 feasible pumped hydro sites in North Queensland

Griffith University researchers have developed a tool to identify sites for pumped hydro storage projects. Using North Queensland to demonstrate the tool, the researchers identified 14 potentially feasible sites in the region where the LCOE ranged between $0.04/kWh – $0.27/kWh.

Vast announces key contracts for 288 MWh solar thermal project

Construction of Australia’s first commercial-scale concentrated solar power plant is on track to begin next year with developer Vast appointing American Australian engineering company Worley to help deliver a 30 MW/288 MWh facility planned for South Australia.

Australian startup reveals 20-layer battery cell based on semi-solid li-sulfur technology

Brisbane-based Li-S Energy has developed a 20-layer battery cell utilising semi-solid state lithium sulfur battery technology. The company claims the new cell displays nearly double the gravimetric energy density and a comparable volumetric energy density to lithium-ion cells.

First attempt to repair glass-damaged solar panels

A Dutch research group has used a series of techniques from the automotive industry to develop a novel methodology to repair glass in double-glass solar panels. Their experimental work represents the step towards transforming glass-damaged solar panels from waste into valuable products.

ElectraNet plots $2 billion transmission spend to support demand growth

South Australia’s electricity transmission network operator ElectraNet has outlined a $2 billion-plus (USD 1.3 billion) pipeline of transmission projects as it seeks to keep pace with a “rapid” energy transformation that could lead to a doubling of the state’s electricity usage by the end of the decade.



Trina to build 25 GW ingot factory, Longi reduces wafer prices by 30%

Longi said today it cut the prices of its wafer products by 30% and Trina announced it will build a 25 GW monocrystalline ingot factory in the Sichuan province. Furthermore, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) revealed that the Chinese PV industry produced 39.92 GW of solar cells in April, and Datang Group unveiled the results of a tender to procure 8 GW of solar panels.

‘Huge subsidy fest’: Australia has the critical materials, but can it compete in the manufacturing race?

A global race is underway to capture the manufacturing market for clean energy technologies. While lady lucky has certainly shone on Australia, competition is fierce, experts say.

Foldable, textured silicon wafers for flexible heterojunction solar cells

An international research team in China has used Czochralski n-type c-Si wafers from China-based Sichuan Yongxiang to build textured wafers with a thickness ranging from 65 μm to 55 μm. They have used the wafers in heterojunction solar cells ton hit efficiencies close to those of devices cells based on conventional wafers.

Weekend read: the cells of the future

The annual SiliconPV Conference came to TU Delft in the Netherlands in April, and offered an important health check for the science and technology behind solar energy. pv magazine was on site to hear the latest from researchers reaching for higher efficiency through tandem cells and other innovations; looking to understand and mitigate cell degradation mechanisms; and working to cut down solar technology’s consumption of rare and expensive materials.

Victoria introduces dynamic export rule for rooftop solar

The rise of rooftop solar in Victoria will see all new inverters installed under the state government’s solar and battery rebate programs soon required to be technically capable of remotely updating and enacting dynamic export limits to allow network companies to manage the export of rooftop solar back in to the grid.

Longi launches 590 W TOPCon solar panel with 22.8% efficiency

The new series comes in seven versions, with power outputs between 560 W and 590 W. The power conversion efficiency ranges between 21.7% and 22.8%

Energy Storage


Redflow to build 20 MWh redox-flow battery in California

Australian redox-flow battery manufacturer Redflow will build one of the world’s largest zinc-based battery energy storage systems in the United States after inking a multi-million-dollar deal with the California Energy Commission.

Quinbrook to target domestic market with Sun Cable project

Renewables investor Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners has confirmed its focus is on the onshore potential of Sun Cable’s estimated $35 billion (USD 22.76 billion) Australia-Asia PowerLink project that aims to deliver up to 800 MW of renewable energy into Darwin and export solar from Australia to Singapore via a submarine transmission link.

Gargantuan 1.4 GW / 2.8 GWh battery approved for NSW

The New England megaproject just became even more mega, and is now set to house a 1.4 GW / 2.8 GWh battery – taking the crown for Australia’s biggest battery. Developer ACEN Australia says the NSW government has approved its expanded battery proposal, which is set to go in next door to its 720 MW New England Solar project.

VPP consolidation platform seeks to remedy the sales impasse for installers

Despite their promise, adoption rates of Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) in Australia have been underwhelming. Head of Renewable Energy Finance at Plenti, Louis Edwards, says the issue stems from VPP operator’s overlooking their point of sale. “It’s too much risk the installer takes and they don’t do it,” he tells pv magazine Australia.

Redflow commissions 30 kWh flow battery for Brisbane Council

Queensland flow battery company, Redflow, has commissioned a 30 kWh zinc-bromine flow battery for the Brisbane City Council.

‘Resort’ style retirement villages set up own VPP program

GemLife, which describes itself as “luxury resort living for the over-50s,” has set up its own Virtual Power Plant (VPP), and is set to invest $75 million in coming years to rollout the VPPs across more than 10,000 homes in its property portfolio on Australia’s east coast.